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Does anyone have Pergo or hardwood floors in the kitchen?

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We have hardwood almost throughout our home, but are looking to try to put it in the kitchen. We have had ceramic tile in there which I thought was easy to clean, but am looking for the hardwood look. Any advice on which is easier to clean or how durable pergo is? or the pros and cons of hardwood in the kitchen? thanks!

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I have laminate wood-look flooring (from Costco) in my kitchen. The only part that hasn't held up well is one small spot that was damaged as we were installing it. It's very easy to clean; I use a steam mop.




Thanks, would you mind me asking how long you have had it? does it scratch? thanks!

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I've lived in two houses with hardwood floors in the kitchen. The first house we owned had hardwood in the kitchen that we think was the original flooring in a 100 year old house. They were refinished with dark stain and highly varnished. They were beautiful. I mopped with a wood floor cleaner on a semi-regular basis and just dustmopped the rest of the time. If I spilled any flour on the floor though, they became treacherously slick...I don't know why.


Our current home came with hardwood in the kitchen. This appears to be newer hardwood installed during a kitchen remodel. Light stain, not nearly as shiny. These floors show some wear in the areas near the sink. I assume this is due to water splashing or something? I have no idea how long the floors were in the house prior to us moving in but they were worn when we bought the house. I still think they look good though. I don't mind a little wear. I don't have the "flour problem" I had with the floors in my old house. (I bake a lot....and I'm messy.)

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We put Pergo in our kitchen. Everything was fine until a hidden leak sent water under the boards. One day, the floor was suddenly making little squishy noises when we walked on it.


The Pergo was ruined in every room adjacent to the kitchen, too.


Next time I need a kitchen floor I will get tile.

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We have pergo-type flooring in the kitchen. While I would much rather have wood, it has held up extremely well. The dog comes in and out of the kitchen door, in rain, snow, etc, and we can't fit a rug by the door (and still have the door close easily), and there is no damage from that. It cleans easily. I do have a small dent where I dropped a knife, but other than that, it is damage free. I like that if I really cared to, I can just pop out a few boards and replace them easily enough if they do get dented or damaged. We've had it about 5 years. And we have it in all the rooms sans the bathrooms (linoleum there).


One thing I have noticed with that type of floor - and to my knowledge, there is no scientific evidence to support my findings - is that our dogs' feet have been really dry and with our older dog (who has since passed), her feet were very itchy. I think it has to do with whatever chemicals are in that type of flooring. Formaldehyde, possibly? I would not consider it in a future home for that reason alone. Other than that, as far as durability, I give it a thumbs up.

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We installed laminated in our kitchen/dining/back entry way when we remodeled 2 years ago. It still looks like brand new.

I spent lots of time with the salesman and he directed me to a more expensive flooring than the one they have readily available. He said it was more durable. I think it is an Armstrong product.

To avoid the clicking sound that some floors make, we bought a floor that does NOT have the pad attached, but rather the pad was on a roll and laid down on the entire floor before the laminate was installed. We also bought a thicker pad, again at the salesman suggestion. I hardly notice the floor at all. Our DD installed laminate in her kitchen dining about a year before we did. It is still gorgeous, but she wishes she had thicker pad as her makes the clicking sound.

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We have hard wood in the kitchen which is generally pretty great. We do have two small spots where we had direct water leaks - one by the water dispenser and in by the sink. They are not too bad and can be buffed out but I am in no hurry to fix them. I have a dog and cats and kids though so my hardwoods have a more rustic look to them. :D

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We've had both. Good and bad about both.




Warmer to walk on




Scratches easily (if we didn't have dogs, this wouldn't bother me as I think it tends to add to its character; however, dogs claws can just ruin it)

Have to mop it more

Wears out where I stand most (kitchen sink area)




dogs claws don't scratch (actually, nothing seems to scratch it)

can go longer between mopping




Colder to walk on

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I have hardwood floors on the whole downstairs, including the kitchen. I think the floors are great.


I have a rug in front of the sink and in front of the cooktop; they catch any random drips. :-)


They are easy to clean--spills just wipe up. I use Bona or my Shark steam cleaner when I want to clean the *rilly* good. Otherwise I just microfiber-mop them (or vacuum with the cannister vac) along with the rest of the downstairs.


They are over 6 years old and still looking good--no wear anywhere.


My last house had hardwood in all the rooms except bathrooms and kitchen/dining. I had always thought it would have looked lovely to continue the hardwood into the kitchen/dining, as they were open to the living room, but Mr. Ellie didn't think it would be a good idea. He regrets it now. :-)


There are some scratches on the floors, but ::shrugs:: it's no biggie. They add to the floors' character. :-)

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We have pergo-type floors (Wilsonart, I think) on much of the first floor of our house, including the kitchen and the bathroom. They have held up very well. No scratches, easy to clean. I think it was the most practical decision for us to make when we were building our home, but I still look forward to replacing them with hard wood floors. The laminate flooring just doesn't have the warmth that wood has.



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