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For Those Using PS Virtual Academy

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I don't have any experience with Connections, but my daughter is enrolled in MNVA high school. Have you tried asking on the Connections yahoogroup? I'll share my experiences in the hopes they're helpful, and to give you a bump. :) The curriculum is solid, but we miss the discussions we used to have, and the freedom to pursue rabbit trails, so we'll be returning to independent homeschooling next year.


My daughter does a lot of outside things, but I wouldn't consider them supplements to her curriculum because she'd be doing them regardless. She's into art and writing, so she takes classes at the local art college and art center, and at the local literary center.


The only class we've supplemented at all is her honors English class, but again, it's due to her interest in the subject rather than a deficit in the curriculum.


With no additional work at all, I think she'd have a very solid high school education. But since I try to facilitate her interests as much as possible, she does end up going beyond the curriculum quite a bit.

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