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If you bought canned lump crab meat and left it out all night would you use it?

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I think I already know the answer :sad:

My ds14 was going to make dinner last night, penne with crab meat in a blush sauce, yum. But he was interrupted by his father's invitation to go to the movies so we scrapped the dinner plan. Many ingredients were left out all night, including a $10 can of premium lump crab meat from Trader Joe's. :sigh: It says refrigerate, but it is canned so I was wondering if it is $10 lost or not. The crab company is closed for the weekend. Would you give it a try? Smell it? Toss it?


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I'm pretty brave, but I'd toss it too. And thank goodness we're not the only ones who do this! I made a huge vat of beans last week, and then we had to run out to pick something up. The beans had JUST come off the stove and I didn't want to put the burning hot pot right into my already-struggling-to-maintain-a safe-temperature fridge, so I put it in our garage fridge instead. Well, guess what I realized is still sitting in there? I was looking for my pot and couldn't figure out where it had gone. Blech.

Sorry about the $10, and the loss of what sounds like an amazing meal!

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I've had food poisoning before, and it's horrible. Seafood tends to go bad more quickly, and be more vicious when you do get sick from it.

I love crab though. I feel for you! hee hee! But chuck it.... I know, it will take a while to mourn the loss, but you'll be OK soon. ;-p

GL - Stacey in MA

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