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Another question about singapore math

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Does NEM math have a HIG? Also what is the difference between New Elementary Mathematics, Discovering Mathematics, New Syllabus Mathematics, and New Mathematics Counts? Do any of those have HIG's?Are any of those for after the middle school math?


NEM-1 and 2 have solutions manuals, not HIGs. These are written by Jennifer Hoerst, who wrote the HIGs for the PM series, so they're similar in some ways. What the NEM solutions manuals don't have: daily lesson plans and suggested hands-on activities that coordinate with the lessons. I have NEM-1; its solution manual is 223 pages of detailed step-by-step solutions for all the problems of the Exercises, the Revisions, the Miscellaneous Exercises, and the Assessments in the textbook.


There is also an NEM-1 Teacher's Manual, a thin booklet with answers and some solutions to the remaining sections of the textbook: the Class Activity, Challengers, Problem Solving, and Investigations. It also has a scheduling grid for the NEM-1 textbook over two semesters, a total of six pages.


From what I remember, NEM-1 and 2 are the only SM secondary math series with solutions manuals written by Jennifer Hoerst. Here's a comparison at their website. It looks like the Discovering Mathematics series has solutions in the Teacher's Guide.



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Does NEM math have a HIG? Also what is the difference between New Elementary Mathematics (NEM), Discovering Mathematics (DM), New Syllabus Mathematics (NSM), and New Mathematics Counts (NMC)? Do any of those have HIG's?Are any of those for after the middle school math?


From what I understand none of the 4 options have anything like the HIG. By the way if you post on the forum, Jenny who answers most of the post is the Jenny who wrote the HIG's.


There is a post from a mom who bought them all over on the forums. I have read a lot on the first two, and I would say the difference is NEM will introduce a topic, have a few practice problems then very quickly start having the child apply it to a totally unrelated situation. The purpose of which is to make sure the child understand the why this works behind the math. It does sound like it makes logical leaps. DM on the other hand has more practice problems before it goes into the challenging ones, and not as many challenging problems. It is better about not making logical leaps. The other two programs are both supposed to be easier, which I assume means more review problems and less challenging problems.


I own NEM, but there is no way my kids are up to that, so I plan to use DM.




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