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Another thread got me thinking about this... There are tests that ps kids take. In my state (PA) my kids will have to take them in 3rd 5th and 8th grade (I think.)


My eldest is in 2nd grade now. Is there a way to see these tests ahead of time to get him ready for what the test will be like? Does anyone know how to get these tests?


I wonder if there's a test for 2nd graders I could get, to see how he compares if we had to send him to ps. How do I go about finding out about this? Call the school?

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Our state has tests required in the same grades. We are able to find released or older tests on the state education agency website.


Have you tried to google "Test Name" + "State" + .... "Released Tests" or "Examples" ...? That's how I found ours :)


ETA: I'm not sure if it's the same for PA, but in my state I recently learned that this test was essentially a Pass/Fail. It wasn't an achievement test like the tests I took as a kid, rather a NCLB-driven test to ensure schools were meeting standards. This encouraged me to seek another type of test for my student, rather than use it as a guage to compare my child with his public-schooled peers.

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In OK I understand that the students take the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (or some such) every year. The results compare all takers and are stated in several ways: mean score, standard deviations, et c.


The first year my daughter took it, 2 yrs ago, we happened to hear about a local university offering it to homeschoolers. Last year we didn't "happen to hear" so this year I went looking. There is a homeschool group offering the test through the U of OK so we're taking that one. It's still the Iowa which is important to me so we can compare scores.


My advice is to ask your local homeschool groups to find out who is offering it and if you don't get a response, call the university education departments.


If I hadn't found the test I found, my next step was to ask the principal of our parish school if my girl could sit in with the school. I was planning to go armed with her last test to show that her test score would only help the school.


Good luck finding a source for your test. My husband feels that it's important to make sure my daughter is performing at or above grade level and really wants my daughter taking this test. It can be exciting to get a nice little package of confirmation that what you're doing is working so well.

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If you are just wanting to get him accustmed to the format of the tests, teacher supply stores have all kinds of test prep books that teach children in all grade levels how to take tests and learn the formats. They even have specific books for specific tests.


My son just took the IOWA for our state and I was able to google online and find samples to show him so he would know what to expect. OTher than that, I don't teach specifics or specific skills I think might be on the test because I feel that would be teaching to the test.

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You could always test for you own reference with one of the national achievement tests like the CAT or ITBS. It won't be the state-specific test but it will provide you with information on your child's relative strengths and weaknesses.

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