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Plans for Second Grade?

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Can anyone please share their plans for second grade? For our Second Year we're using the following:


Math: MCP Mathematics and Miquon Math, some Living Math books and games from Family Math (thinking about using Singapore instead of MCP, but not sure yet. I really like the format and ease for the teacher of MCP)


Grammar: Primary Language Lessons by Emma Serl


Penmanship: Getty-Dubay Italic Handwriting Book C


Reading: A selection of good books


Copywork: Once weekly from his lessons.


Phonics: Tanglewood Phonics Review


Vocabulary: English from the Roots Up or Vocabulary Vine (any suggestions in this area? :))


Spelling: Natural Speller word lists, ideas and activities


Literature: Read-Alouds, great selections of living books


Natural Science: Six-week Nature Studies using Handbook of Nature Study and Kingfisher's Young Discoverers Series each on Insects, Wildflowers, Rocks and Minerals, Electricity. BFSU (Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding K-2) the rest of the time. The Story Book of Science, Nature Smart and Science Smart as necessary.


History: SOTW 2, book and Activity Guide (Medieval Times), living books


Geography: Young Discoverers Maps and Mapping, through SOTW


Spanish: The Easy Spanish, KidSpeak Spanish computer games, Muzzy DVDs


Art: Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists Series - Giotto and Titian


Music: Getting to Know the World's Greatest Composers Series - Tchaikovsky and Beethoven; singing


Poetry: Poetry for Young People Series - Edna St. Vincent Millay and Rudyard Kipling


Other activities: piano lessons, Cub Scouts, tennis, horseback riding, swimming

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My youngest will be in 2nd next year. I don't have everything figured out yet, but here's what I've got planned now:


math: Singapore 2a/2b/CWP 2 and Horizons 2

writing: WWE 2

grammar: FLL 2

spelling: R&S 3rd grade

handwriting: RFH T (cursive part)

music: piano lessons

art: some drawing program TBD

history: Ancients

science: chemistry


She has always tagged along with big sister for history, science, Spanish, and Latin. I have not required much from her in those subjects. Now that she is getting older, I have to put some thought into what her output will be for these subjects--probably nothing written in Spanish or Latin until 3rd grade. She reads very well (just finished the Percy Jackson series), so nothing formal for reading. Lit is just whatever we read aloud together--lots of great classic kid lit.

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Guest Alte Veste Academy

Math: Miquon and Singapore with RS Games


Language: WWE/FLL/AAS


History: continuing with American history (Reconstruction to present)


Nature Study: continuing with Texas Wildscapes and Outdoor Hour Challenges, starting Square Foot Gardening (actually beginning now and will continue on--one box per child)


Science: inquiry science


Spanish: Elementary Spanish, Rosetta Stone


Art: continuing with The Art of Teaching Art to Children, NEH Picturing America (second half), CM style art study of American artists corresponding to history


Music: continuing with Alfred's Kids' Guitar Course, CM style music study of American musicians corresponding to history (REALLY looking forward to this year! It should be a blast! :lol:)


Poetry: CM style poetry study of American poets corresponding to history, poetry and tea each afternoon


Literature: kids' choice :001_smile:


Handicrafts: continuing with quilting (30s reproductions!) and woodworking with some kitschy 50s crafts thrown in for fun :D

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My little guy will use the following for his upcoming second grade year.


Grammar: FLL 1/2

Writing/penmanship: copywork

Spelling: A Reason for Spelling

Reading/literature: good books

Phonics: his spelling book is adequate for his needs

Vocab: nothing formal at this age, past his Latin

Poetry: memory work from random sources

Latin: Song School Latin, and he's usually in the same room as his older siblings when they do their Latin for Children DVDs and chants

Math: Rod and Staff

Science: He'll either tag along with his big sister in Apologia's elementary human anatomy book, or go through their Zoology 2 on his own.

History/geography: Veritas Press 4, with SOTW 2 mingled in

Art: R&S Artpac, random artist studies tied to history or VP cards, and his older sister fancies herself to be his art teache

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Grammar/Vocab: BJU 2

Writing: Reason for Writing T/copywork

Spelling: Reason for Spelling

Reading/literature: classics

Math: CLE 3

Science: Apologia Astronomy

Geography/History: Cantoring the Country

Music: Pianimals

Also thinking about adding Rosetta stone Spanish.

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I'll have a second grader next year...


History...US History: Early 19th Century Time Travelers CD as spine with LOTS of living books and projects.

Science...Human Body Unit I put together and Earth/Astronomy Unit I am hoping to piece together.


**I like to tweek. I can never use a history/science curricula as written.**


Math...Plan A-Math Mammoth Blue Series and continue doing "living" math

Plan B-Right Start Level D (with bits of Level C), MM Light Blue and continue doing "living" math.





Spelling...All About Spelling


Phonics...Finish OPGTR and ETC


Reading...continue reading lots of books


Art Instruction...Atelier and Artistic Pursuits

Artist and Composer Studies


Other...Mindbenders, keyboarding skills, Building Thinking Skills


Classes...Rock Climbing and maybe fencing (if he wants to do it again), tennis with Dad (he used to be an instructor), and AWANA

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DD with be doing:


LA: Phonics Road Level 1

Math: Singapore/Math Mammoth (we are fazing out of S and into MM) with Miquon and RS Math Games

Science: Apologia Botany and Zoology 1

Spanish: Passaporte Al Espanol A

Humanities: Finishing up Portraits of American Girlhood and then we will begin Tapestry of Grace year 1

Art: Artistic Pursuits

Music: Violin and Guitar study. Hoping to start Piano.

Other: Swim Lessons, Ballet, and Scouts

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Math: Horizons 2, Singapore 1B - 2A, MEP

LA/Reading: CLE 200, WWE 2

Science: Elemental Science: Earth Science

History: SOTW 2, book and Activity Guide

Foreign Language: Sign Language

Art: Usborne's Art Ideas, random crafts I come up with, coordinating projects for SOTW, Science, etc.

Others: piano, choir, dance, swimming

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This is what we are doing:


Oak Meadow 2--language arts, math, social studies & science

Spell to Write and Read--phonics

Singapore & Rod and Staff Math





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Here's what we have so far for core subjects:

Grammar: FLL 2

Writing: finish WWE 1 then move onto WWE 2

Spelling: AAS level 2

History: finish WP American Story 1 maybe move onto American Story 2

Science: Here's where I'm stumped

Math: A Beka 2

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WE keep it very light for second grade. Here is what my second grader has done this year:






Right Start Math level B


All About Spelling level A


Song School Latin (at co-op)


And classes in geography, classical studies, art, and science, once a week at co-op.


D'Aulaire's Greek Myths and Black Ships Before Troy


Recitation (poetry memorization and reciting in front of a group)

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here are my plans for 2nd grade (these have changed several times already), i'm praying they don't change again. I know this is rather longish, but I really needed to see it typed out to make sure we were doing ok.


Language arts combo: FLL/WWE2/ WRTR

math: Mastering Mathematics (Singapore, maybe)

Bible: SCM, Scripture memory

History: SCM (Medieval, Ren. and Reformation) SOTW 2

Geography: SCM, Trail Guide to World Geography

Science: topics from "what your 2nd grader needs to know" and library books, videos, etc.../nature study

Literature: AO yr. 2

picture study: SCM/What your 2nd grader needs to know

composer study: SCM/ What your 2nd grader needs to know

music: recorder

drawing: drawing with children

Greek: Elementary Greek 1

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We keep it very light, too, (I learned from experience.)


Doing our own math thing using RightStart as our guide.


Bartons Reading and Spelling




Songschool Latin


Ancient History (not sure what I am going to do, was going to use SOTW but am having second thougths about this)


Real Science Odyssey--Earth and Space


Literature: AO Yr. 1

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Singapore 2



Cursive (we've started Classically Cursive, but I don't care for it. So...looking for something else.)

All About Spelling

Suzuki Violin

Ambleside Online Year 1

Miscellaneous Spanish resources

Maryann Kohl art book projects

gymnastics and soccer

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I can't belive she's going to be 8 this fall!


Anyway, here's what she'll be doing:


Math--Singapore level 2

Spelling--Explode the Code 4, 5, 6

Phonics/reading--Phonics Pathways, Pathway Readers, Bob books

Writing--Writing With Ease 2

Grammar--First Language Lessons 2

Latin--?? (She's about to finish Song School Latin, and I'm not sure what to do next--I may take her into LfC A, but take it slowly)

History--SOTW 1

Science--?? (maybe reading/narrations and Science in a Nutshell kits w/ older brother?)

Poetry--IEW's poetry memorization program, level 2



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This is what my second grader did this year.




CLE Math 3

SL 3 (History, Bible, Literature, Science, Readers)

IEW's Poetry Memorization

A Reason for Handwriting Cursive

Atelier Art 4



Extracurricular: Swim Team, Ballet, Brownies



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Plans for my dd for next year (2nd grade):


Phonics: MCP Phonics C

Reading: Sonlight LA2-Int Readers

Handwriting: Handwriting without Tears

Grammar: Rod & Staff

Literature: undecided

Math: Singapore Math & Challenging Word Problems

History: My Father's World Rome to Reformation ... maybe

Science: God's Design for Heaven and Earth

Art: I Can Do All Things

Music: MFW RtR Deluxe Package Music, maybe

Health: undecided

Logic: Mindbenders, Building Thinking Skills

Memory Work: Classical Conversations


Other Activities: Piano Lessons, Sports, Y-Princesses

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We're using MFW 1850 to Modern Times with the 2nd grade supplements. I will probably use Real Science 4 Kids Pre Level I Chemistry and Physics as an add on.


For the rest:

Math - A Beka 2nd grade

LA - Drawn into the Heart of Reading; Primary Language Lessons; Spelling Workout and HWOT

Art and Music are included in MFW.


I guess that's it! WOW!!! That's so much easier than what I did with my oldest :lol:




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History: SOTW with activity guide, finish volume 1 and begin 2

Science: BFSU

Math: Right Start C/MEP 2

LA: Dancing Bears Reading, Jolly Grammar 1, Writing With Ease 2, Apples & Pears Spelling, Zaner-Bloser Manuscript 2

Literature: My own combination of AO, SL, and anything else I think looks good

Art: Atelier 2/Art Adventures at Home

Foreign Language: La Clase Divertida, finish 2 and begin 3

PE: Irish dance and swimming

Music: Bastien Piano 1

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Here's what we used last year for second grade:


BJU Math 2

WinterPromise Amer Story 1

WP World Around Me Science


God Made Music 2

Usborne First Book of Art

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Let's see...


Math: Upton-Strayer Practical Arithmetics, supplemented with Miquon and Mathabacus


Writing: Classical Writing Primer


Spelling: Webster's Spelling (free download from Don Potter site)


Reading: Readers, HOP if needed


Latin: Lively Latin


History: American History, not sure what curric I'll use yet


Geography: Evan-Moor Beginning Geography, Geography songs and exploring internet-linked world atlas, maybe unit study on 50 states


Science: R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey: Earth and Space


English Studies: American folktales


Classical Studies: Bible stories


Heathen Studies: Virtues unit study, partly using The Book of Virtues, partly using online resources and stuff I make up myself; we may watch Wagner's The Ring Cycle, too, which can double as music appreciation.


Music/PE/Art: Enrichment Program covers all these and then some, but she'll likely also take some dance, guitar lessons, and maybe football or basketball, depending on what classes are available when (we only do 1 extracurric class at a time aside from enrichment program).

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Not positive on all of it, but here's the general plan:


Bible/History/Literature: Biblioplan Middle Ages with MOH2, SOTW2 audio and some TQ commentary, i think - but still need to get.


Bible/Character: Going to try some Kay Arthur ones for kids starting over the summer.


Math: CLE 200 -starting now...


LA & Reading: CLE 200


Science: God's Design for Life


Music: Starting Piano and guitar lessons


Art: Just lost our art teacher - hoping to get in an art class through a co-op, but also going to do Teaching Geography Through Art with Trail Guide to World Geography - older kiddos need more geography, so he will trail along with this...and MOH activities!


Latin: English From the Roots Up and Getting Started with Latin - again mostly with older's for now.


PE: Various - depending on the day.

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Music and Memory Work : Singing, Piano, Sol-fa, Poetry Memorization.


Poetry: Flower Fairies Treasury, Where the Sidewalk Ends, Poetry Speaks to Children


Math: CLE 200 (and MEP for supp.)


Latin: Song School Latin and Minimus


English: Delightful Dictation, R&S Eng. 2


Ethics and various and sundry things: CLE Reading 2


Reading: Ambleside Online Year 2-- almost everything


Nature Study: Patterns of Nature


BF Guide to Holling C. Holling Books (loosely, mostly the mapwork, just with the scheduled AO readings)


Health: Dover's My First Body Book and various books


Picture Study: Come Look With Me series


Art: Prang Primary Course in Art Ed.


Stacks and stacks of library books;)


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Everytime I answer this, it changes...:lol:


FLL/WWE/SWR (although...this is seeming like too much I may drop FLL and just do grammar with WWE and SWR...I am curious to see what SWB does to revamp FLL;)) Re-starting SWR is dependent upon how he does with reading this summer though. We just started reading through Word Mastery this week, and I hope to finish it by fall....but we'll just hold off on SWR until we finish regardless. I could hang onto FLL and spell through Word Mastery after we are done reading through it...I'm obviously not decided here!:confused:


Reading - I read aloud classics (pulled from AO and other lists) and he reads to me daily. (right now he's reading VERY simple books with large letters on white background....we'll see where he is in the fall)


Math - Miquon/Singapore with RS games.


History - US History with a very old TimeLife set that was dh's when he was a boy. We'll flesh it out with library books.


Science - Iv'e got Apologia Zoo II and TOPS "Get a Grip" in my RR wishlist at the promises I won't change my mind before hitting "submit":tongue_smilie:


Music by me - I'm teaching basic piano and singing skills...and a tiny bit of theory.


Art - I'd love to outsource this one!:001_huh: Until I do, I will *try* to teach some basic drawing.

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A couple of things have changed mildly since last time I posted this...


Language Arts

Primary Language Lessons

Elson Readers

Listening to Grammar-Land with her big brother

Happy Scribe copy work



Saxon Math 2



Primary: Medieval History, with about (the first) half of SOTW 2 as a spine

Seconday: California History



Earth & Space Studies



Hands-on art: Phonics of Drawing

Art Appreciation: History of Art: Gothic

Music Appreciation: Composer of the Month, medieval music?

Dance lessons or TKD, possibly piano lessons, homeschool 4H group (arts & crafts, not animals), park days, etc.

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Math: Abeka Math 2


Grammar/Writing: FLL, WWE 1


Penmanship: HWT whenever we can handle it


Phonics: ETC, Ordinary Parent's Guide


Vocabulary: Possibly Wordly Wise, but seriously considering just using vocab for now from reading, as we are focusing on other areas this year


Spelling: Possibly SpellWell, but I really want to try AAS if we can find some money somewhere.:001_huh:


Science: Sonlight Science 1


History: WinterPromise AS1


Art: Come Look with Me series, plus co-op art with Artistic Pursuits, and a smattering of stuff found at Practical Pages and Jimmie's Collage


Other activities: Awana, Girl Scouts

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Well, I've been spending a lot of time planning for my older dd so I haven't really given this a lot of time...


Singapore 2B and 3A

Elementary Greek 1

L'Art de Lire Levels 3+

Language Lessons + narrations, copybook,dictation

Italics D

Ambleside Online Year 3

Piano, Art with sister, ballet

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As above, but....


Dropping California studies for now

Looking at using Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding in place of Earth & Space sciences

Probably will use Sketch Tuesdays in place of art instruction and appreciation

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Well, I'm going to post again because I changed our lineup. I was going to use what was on my bookshelves, but I had a moment of weakness....and.......the rest is history. So, bye-bye to Ambleside Online and hello to MFW Adventures. :D


So, our 2nd grade year will be:


Singapore 2



MFW Adventures

Spelling by Sound and Structure

Reason for Handwriting: Transition book

Suzuki Violin

Miscellaneous Spanish resources

gymnastics and soccer

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Our list is in my sig - we had a good year. Didn't do a formal science curric - just lots of library books, nature shows, experiments with CC, etc. We also did a two weeks in Prima Latina/1 week in Minimus schedule which worked very well for us.

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We're changing things up for our core

LA: FLL2, Mcp Plaid C

Delightful dictation and Spelling


Math: Horizons 2

Art: Child sized masterpieces

Music: lessons and composer study


With Sibs:

Science: Aplologia Human Body then Astronomy with Lyrical Life Science CDs

History: I'm loving the looks of learn at your own pace VP NT/Greece and Rome and the kids enjoyed the samples (with Literature)

Spanish: La Clase Divertida (local homeschool family!!!)


Carschooling in the mom taxi with Geography songs and Spanish CD

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This is our 2nd year line up right now:001_smile: Still thinking about grammar and maybe a different Bible, but I like what I have chosen.


History - Story of the World 2 with activity book and maybe cds.

Math – Singapore Books 2A and 2B

Science – Apologia Science (not sure which one, either zoology or anatomy)(we are doing botany through the summer)

Spelling - Spelling Workout Book B/C

Geography – Galloping the Globe

Grammar - First Language Lessons?????

Bible – Lifepac Bible

Handwriting – A reason for Handwriting

Foreign Language - We will use live mocha again

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Here is our for sure's.


MFW Adventures

Math- RS level C


Here is our undecided


May combine RS with either Singapore 2A or Horizons 2

LLATL yellow or PLL & AAS


In the summer we plan on finishing up FIAR volume 3 and possibly doing some of Beyond FIAR

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Language Arts

Copywork, language sheets, weekly writing assignment, games




Many library books and bedtime stories

Sonlight 2 Regular Readers


Apologia Science


Right Start Mathematics


Five In A Row

Language Arts

Social Studies






Bible Stories

Church Lesson

Psalm Memorization



I Can Do All Things



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Still working it out, but here is a preliminary. This is our first year HSing and he hasn't had much in the way of history or science in PS K and 1, so we're going to start at the beginning with both.


Math: Saxon 2

History: History Oddysey-ancient

Science: Elemental Science-biology

LA: Still working this out. . . but it will involve lots and lots of literature whatever it is :)

And we'll probably throw some music and art in yet, but haven't worked that out. I'm thinking something along the lines of an Artist/Composer of the month.

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New 2nd grader will be doing :biggrinjester:: da dum dum dummmm...


Cub Scouts


Prima Latina (with his sister)

Das neue Deutschmobil (with his sister)


Oak Meadow 2nd grade

BJU Spelling 2

CLE LA 200's


Sonlight Core 2 Read-Alouds and History (with his sister)

Sonlight 2 Intermediate Readers (because I already bought 'em)


Horizons 2 Math


He also wants to study "potions", so since this isn't Hogwarts, I'm assuming he wants to study Chemistry...we're looking into RS4K Chem...and he might do this course with his best friend (who also homeschools).

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Here's our list:


RightStart Math

Writing With Ease

All About Spelling/Spelling Workout

First Language Lessons

Story of the World

Science a la WTM

French Mission ABC

art/music appreciation a la Charlotte Mason

possibly Prima Latina

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This is what I have lined up to use next year with my 2nd grader.



  • Math - MEP Y2
  • Penmanship - HWT 2
  • Grammar/Writing - The Grammar & Writing Book by Scott Foresman Grade 2
  • History - Finish MoH Vol. 1, Living Books
  • Geography - Galloping the Globe
  • Science - Finish Apologia Astronomy, begin Apologia Botany
  • Reading - HoP 2nd grade
  • Spelling - Sequential Spelling 1

And I'm thinking of introducing Spanish either mid year next year or 3rd grade. Not fully sure yet.

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Ours has changed as well, i've decided to use what we have on the shelves, what I can find at the library and some things that were gifted to us:



English: FLL/Understanding Writing/TRAH

Math: Mastering Mathematics

History, Bible, Geography: SCM module 4/ Trail Guide to World Geography

Literature: AO yr.2

Science: topics from What Your 2nd Grader needs to Know

Scripture memory: SCM

composer/Artist: What Your 2nd Grader needs to know

music: Recorder

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For my 2nd grader:

Math: Horizons 2

Phonics ETC: books 5-8 not sure how many we will use

Grammar: Primary language lessons

Handwriting: Copywork, Draw Write Now, HWT

Spelling: All About Spelling

History: We are doing Us history using a bunch of read alouds/living books, and some texts: American pioneers and patriots, Boys and girls of colonial days, stories of the pilgrims, My American heritage, etc.

Geography: State study

Science: Apologia Zoology 1, and a geology unit. Nature Journal/studies

Art: Great American Artists for kids, child sized masterpieces

Music: Story of the Orchestra, Kids guitar course

Reading: CLP nature reader 2, History stories for children, and a bunch of other level 2-4 books.

Spanish: We just have some computer games, websites, videos, and books.

Bible: Of course reading the Bible, copywork, and Explorers bible studies.

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For my 2nd grader next year:


Bible/Geography/science:My Father's World Exploring Countries and Cultures

Math: Math-u-see Beta (and she might get to Gamma too - she's fast!)

Grammar: Rod and Staff 2

Handwriting: Getty-Dubay Italic

Spelling: All About Spelling

Reading: Various selections from mom:-), and Pathway readers


Other stuff is TBD: :-)

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My youngest will be my only student this fall, so I'm switching things up a bit.

This is the plan thus far, but is always subject to change.


WWE1 (finish this summer, hopefully) and WWE2

R&S grammar 2

Singapore St ed 2a/b (or I may switch over to MM Light Blue grade 2) supplemented with MEP

Elemental Science biology

SOTW 1 along with AG, but following the schedule in Biblioplan

Reading lots chapter books

possibly Song School Latin

still need some sort of spelling--(possibly All About Spelling)

cursive--I have Startwrite, so I need one that will match one of the fonts from that


I think that's it..................


ETA: Forgot Awana and bowling league

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My son is just completing 2nd grade. Here is what he did:


Math: Saxon 3, Singapore 2, IP 2A, IP 2B, (CWP 2 - this summer)


Grammar: Rod & Staff English 2


Writing: WWE 2


Spelling: SWR


Phonics: MCP and ETC, Reading Pathways


Science: Paid Science Teacher


History: HO Ancients Level 1

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I posted to the earlier thread, but I will post again here because some things have changed. :)


Math--CLE 2

Spelling--R&S 2

Phonics/Reading--Explode the Code books 6 and 7 (maybe 8 too), R&S Reading 2

Writing/Grammar--R&S English 2

French - Hooked on French and leading into Le Francais Facile

History/Bible/Read Alouds--HOD Beyond Little Hearts

Science-- Elemental Science, Biology


Extras will include health (R&S), Pentime 3 handwriting, Art and gymnastics in co-op, track & field.

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Singapore 2B/3A

Miquon Blue & Green


Handwriting, By George Vol. 1 & 2

ETC 5 & 6

Song School Latin

TOG Year 4

Apologia Exploring Creation with Astronomy

IEW's Poetry Memorization

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Here is what my second grader has done this year:




All of WWE1 and now starting WWE2


GWG 1/2 (will finish both this year)


Finished Reading Pathways, book A McCall Crabbs, continued SWR (for reading). Reads aloud to me 4 times a week.


SWO A and about to finish B (for spelling)


SM 2 A/B plus drills


SOTW 2 without narration (but quizzes) but mostly books on people like Marco Polo and Elizabeth I and peoples, mostly Vikings, Knights, Crusades, Feudal living, Mayans, and what the Chinese were up to. Some museums and re-enactments (a med. village and soon! a large Civil war one)


Earth and Astronomy science via RSO and oodles of level 2-4 readers on gravity, weather. A 2 week field trip through Yellowstone, Utah, Mesa Verde, GC, Zion, Bryce, two caves and the observatory in Flagstaff, plus some volcanoes (Crater Lake) and the salt flats. Much rock collecting.


A lot of classical music and 6 hour long orchestral events for kids (Peter and the Wolf, e.g.). Artistic Pursuits and plenty of experimentation. Also, the local museum.


I didn't get to cursive, but kiddo is printing legibly on grown-up paper. This is very exciting given my and Papa's handwriting.


Minimus for fun. He remembers more of this than I expected. I just got Song School Latin to mix in.


This is a very wiggly, not "early" kid in reading or anything else. Just healthy "Standard US Issue" boy.

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My current plans for this fall:


All About Spelling Level 1




finishing MUS Beta and starting Gamma mid-year

SOTW 2 and AG

earth and space science that I piece together


Cub Scouts and lots of library books

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WE are using the following:


Math: MUS Beta


Grammar: FLL2


Penmanship: HWT Printing Power


Reading: Sonlight 2nd Grade readers


Writing: WWE2


Phonics: OPGTTR rest of the book and ETC books 4-6


Spelling: Spelling Workout B and AAS1


Literature: Sonlight Core 1 Read Alouds


Science: Animal, Human body and Plants (WTM method) along with Sonlight Science 1 books for fun their Experiments can't be missed by my kids they love them.


History: Sonlight core 1 History along with SOTW1


Geography: Sonlight and SOTW


Spanish: Muzzy Spanish, Little book of Greek and Prima Latina (just watching DVD this year)


Art: I Can Do All things


Other activities: Soccer, Choir, Swimming


He does History, Science, Geography and Literature with His brother that will be in grade 1.

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