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Elementary Greek or Song School Greek

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I plan to use the Alphabet Greek Code Cracker during the summer.


I was wondering about Elementary Greek. I don't want anything overwhelming right now. Hopefully later we can REALLY start to study Greek but for now I want to start getting our feet wet.


Any thoughts on this program. I like that it's inexpensive.


I'm also considering Song School Greek Bundle.


The ages of the kiddos will be 6-12 years. I understand that EG is for 2nd grade and up but for my 6yr. old I'm just looking for exposure right now.



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You'll love Code Cracker - so fun, and it really helps kids retain the Greek Alphabet.


My dd11 is most of the way through Elementary Greek Level One. I'd say it's more than just "getting your feet wet" in the way I'd think of it. It's more than dipping your toes in; it's more like wading in slowly. Perhaps I say this because it's my first experience with Greek. This dd is anxious to take high school level Greek with Lukeion Project online, but she didn't want to wait until then to do Greek, so we got EG. I love it and so does she. I know it says that it's for 2nd grade and up, but personally I wouldn't use it with a child that young, unless that child had an unusually strong grasp on English grammar for his/her age.


Feel free to ask me anything else about it. I think it's an excellent program.

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My two oldest are interested in learning Greek but dh and I think they should start with Latin. So not this coming school year but the year after I'll start The Latin Road with my two older. I'm getting them primed this year :) They will use JAG & AG this summer and continue the year with a regular grammar course.


Since they are interested in Greek right now, I want to do something at the same time I don't want to overwhelm myself.


My oldest wants to also start Spanish. He'll start Rosetta Stone.


With regards to EG would the younger ones be able to sit in without being bored?


With grammar my two oldest probably can handle EG then but my younger ones haven't had too much grammar.


Hmmm.........wondering if SSG would be better than.


SSG is that too babyish for an 11yr. old?


Thanks all, appreciate your help.

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SSG is that too babyish for an 11yr. old?


I'm using SSG with my 11 year old right now. The songs are kind of babyish, but the program itself has plenty for him to learn, even if he skips some of the really little kid activities.

I'm looking at it as a gentle intro until Greek for Children is ready sometime later this year.

We're also using the Greek Alphabet Code Cracker. So far it's been really helpful and fun too.


Did you look at the online sample chapter for SSG? Maybe you can show it to your oldest and see what the response is.


We're new to Greek so I don't know how SSG compares to any other program.

HTH a teeny bit. :)

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