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Transferring old TurboTax file to new computer?

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Please walk me through this. I'm lazy and pregnant, and this is where I can come to get ALL the answers, right? Good.


We've used TurboTax for the past decade. It works for us. I forget if we're using premier or home & business...doesn't's across the room and I don't want to rise and retrieve right now.


Current situation...the computer we've had for past 7 years is old, full, and slow. I'm going to be installing this year's (2009) TT (purchased at Costco) on new computer. I'm pretty sure last year's (2008) was installed from disk sent automatically from TT and paid online by cc...therefore I don't have last year's disks/codes handy.


How do I install this year's on new computer (I can handle that part), AND transfer last year's TT data file from old computer to new computer so I automatically have all the info I need as I've done in the past years.


Can I do that easily? Would it be a lot easier to just clear some programs off old computer, install this year's on old computer, start the return (transfer info from 2008), save, then install on new computer and copy info file? Can I install TT on two computers?



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Turbo Tax just looks for the file that you save from last year. Then it scans it for the easy stuff like ss#'s, addresses, birthdays, etc. It also grabs some other stuff like state tax returns from last year, your deductions from last year including any carry-over.


Install Turbo Tax on the new computer and then either 1.turn on file sharing on the old computer so that you can transfer the file over the network or 2.use a 3.5 floppy (if the new computer is even equipped with one, gasp) or a USB stick (if the old computer has a USB port) to sneaker net the file.


That's all you really need to do.


Dad of 3

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I'm not very up-to-date with computer technology these days, but here is what I did. I went into Turbotax and saved all of my files onto a flash drive and then used that on the new computer. I didn't even know flash drives existed until about a year or 2 ago. They are the replacement for floppy disks, I guess. You can probably buy them at a drugstore or office supply store.


If my answer is too basic and I'm missing the point, sorry. Like I said, I'm really not up with the technology these days.



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Thank you, both! I was thinking I could do something like that, but never having tried it before with TT, I wasn't sure it would. Thanks! Now to actually install the program...then gather the papers...then file the extension :tongue_smilie: (I really, really, really, really don't want to do the taxes this year)

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