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Planning a year-long study of the Biblical Feasts... Any favorite resources?

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I already have A Family Guide to the Biblical Holidays by Robin Sampson.


Here some others I'm considering, but I'd love to hear your feedback on them before I purchase, as well as sugestions of any other books/resources I should add to this list:


Celebrating Jesus in the Biblical Feasts: Discovering Their Significance to You as a Christian and Miracle of the Scarlet Thread: Revealing the Power of the Blood of Jesus from Genesis to Revelation, both by Richard Booker


The Feasts Of The Lord God's Prophetic Calendar From Calvary To The Kingdom by Kevin Howard


The Tabernacle : Shadows of the Messiah (Its Sacrifices, Services, and Priesthood) by David M. Levy


God's Appointed Times New Edition: A Practical Guide for Understanding and Celebrating the Biblical Holidays and God's Appointed Customs: A Messianic Jewish Guide to the Biblical Lifecycle and Lifestyle , both by Barney Kasdan


The Outpouring: Jesus in the Feasts of Israel by Elwood McQuaid

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we have enjoyed the Stickfiguring through Biblical Feasts and Holidays- a 13 week study by Grapevine studies

as well as

A Complete Guide to Celebrating our Messiah in the Festivals by Eagle Wings Education

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and I find Robin Sampsons website helpful. We have found great peace in celebrating the holidays and they are pure without all the consumerism attachements that our pagan rooted holidays have. Please do not take offense I still celebrate Easter, Christmas etc with my family, but even my two teens enjoy the richness and tradition of the biblical feasts.


We start Unleavened bread later this week and I find it such a spiritual and physical cleansing and how amazing for me it was to finally really "get" how unleavened bread, passover and firstfruits are all about the messiah. It was news to me!


I recently read "Holy Cow Does God Care What We Eat" and I found it to be an excellent book.




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Messiah in the Feasts of Israel by Sam Nadler is an excellent book giving the scriptural basis for the feasts to be observed for Jew and non-Jew alike.


www.wordofmessiah.org offers free videos on the Feasts as well as other biblical studies.


Though not Jewish, we regard the Feasts as reflecting God's redemptive plan for humanity. Beginning with weekly Shabbat through the Feast of Booths, God demonstrates Orientation, Salvation (Passover), Sanctification (Weeks/Service), and Glorification (Trumpets/Atonement/Booths). Our walk has deepened as we've incorporated these celebrations of God's Appointed Times into the year.


If you would like to discuss further, please contact me privately.





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