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What do you use for Lang Arts for middle school grades?


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My dd hated Abeka language arts. We switched to R&S and then we moved completely to Classical Writing with Harvey's grammar. Abeka covers a lot, you could probably move into anything you want at this point.


Another choice I really like but haven't really used is Analytical Grammar. I have it sitting on my shelf and I think that one of my kids will use it eventually.



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My rising 8th grader will be using....


3rd session of Analytical Grammar

Writing Strands 6 and 7

SL LA writing from 2nd 1/2 of Core 7

Writing in HO Level II Modern

Literature from 2nd 1/2 of Core 7 and HO Level II Modern


Occasional study guides to enhance literary analysis.


I'm still looking for a Vocab program. We do Latin but I want a vocab program.

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I love Lightning Literature and Abeka Grammar. Both are rigorous but L.L. at least gives enough variety to avoid complete burn-out. This includes some vocabulary study and is fairly complete, minus the need for more grammar.


I can't say the same for Abeka, which you have noticed. Both of these include writing instruction but neither is truly an adequate writing program so we'll need to add to that soon. I'm thinking about IEW on the high school level for next year. I'll just go with the writing in Lightning Literature to finish off this year. I have been satisfied with Lightning Literature so we'll likely continue that in high school as well, though I believe it is only for literary analysis in the upper levels.

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for 6th grade next year Storm will do:


Poetry study using various sources


Simply Spelling: Copywork, recitation & spelling


6 literary works


Classical Writing Homer B: vocabulary, grammar, composition


Grammar--still unsure but leaning toward GWG6 when released for additional diagramming and pick up where we left off in Stewart English

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6th grade LA plan for next year:


CW Homer B

Daily Grams 6

Lighting Literature?

Not sure about spelling




7th grader is doing:

CW Diogense


Daily Grams 7

SWO G, wanting to change




Plans for 8th grade:

CW Diogense: Chreia and Intermediate Poetry

Lighting Literature?

Not sure about spelling

Daily Grams JH/SH

Copywork (?)


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6th grade language arts:


  • Spelling/word study: 2nd half of Spelling Workout G, Spelling Workout H (~15 min./day, 5 days/wk.)
  • Vocabulary: Wordly Wise 3 (~15 min./day, 5 days/wk.)
  • Grammar: remainder of R&S 5, first half of R&S 6 (~30 min./day, 4 days/wk.)
  • Composition: undecided, but perhaps a mix of TOG assignments, writing across the curriculum via outlining, Writing Strands (~30 min./day, 3-4x/wk.)
  • Literature/Reading: Tapestries of Grace (~30 min./day independent work) plus read-alouds
  • Penmanship: undecided
  • Poetry: Harp & Laurel Wreath et al



I was just working on the time estimates today.


And for 7th grade language arts (tentative):


  • Word study: Vocabulary from Classical Roots Bk. A & B
  • Vocabulary: Wordly Wise 4
  • Grammar: remainder of R&S 6, then perhaps A Beka Grammar & Comp 1, Jr. Analytical Grammar, or Warriner's
  • Composition: preferably an outside class
  • Literature/Reading: undecided; probably TOG or do-my-own-thing
  • Poetry: Harp & Laurel Wreath et al



I also have on my shopping list Teaching the Classics by Adam Andrews so I can learn more about literature. I expect to rely pretty heavily on this product plus the TOG notes as we get into the more difficult (for me anyway) books.

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What we are currently using for 6th grade-


R&S English 6 (just finished the book! Starting R&S English 7 next week)

Spelling Workout Book H

CLE Reading 6 - dd loves this!

Wordsmith - great!


Plans for 7th grade-


R&S English 7

Lightning Lit 7 or TOG literature/reading

Vocab from the Classical Roots A


CW for Older Beginners or IEW



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(we homeschool year round but mainly do English/Grammar and Math in the summer)


So for middle school...


Analytical Grammar

Lightning Literature

WriteSource 2000 and the grade level accompanying student book--between these and LL, I feel we've got writing covered well. Link--> (I like this site with samples of student work! I check there for comparisons now and then: http://www.thewritesource.com/ )

Wordly Wise

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