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A few great minds needed for timeline help!!

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I want to begin using a timeline as part of our history studies. We currently have the Westvon Timeline Book of World History (see here http://www.thehomeschoolshop.com/sh-timelines.htm it is also available as one of the sheets in their master planner set) I just can't wrap my mind around how to divide up the dates. We need to cover Ancient Egypt (perhaps some space for earlier civilizations) through the Modern Period. The line on each page has 8 points (think point on a number line) for major divisions and three points in between those. I expect to use a different scale for Ancients vs Middle Ages vs Modern period with each distance representing an increasingly smaller period of time. I am also willing to go beyond just one book to cover all needed time periods. How would you divide up dates on these pages using the WTM history cycle?


Thanks-I look forward to your input and creativity!!!

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I used information from Home School in the Woods. I'm going to link the web age that has suggested dates for each page (and the scale is different depending on what era you are doing). You need to scroll down to the Frequently Asked Questions section for the list of dates to use. This has worked well for us so far--we just finished the renaissance. As for using the marked divisions on your page, if you have 1000 years on the page, divide it up to fit the marks correctly. Divide differently of course if that page is only 100 years.



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