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starting logic in 7th grade

Lenora in MD

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Depends on what type of logic you want to do.


Pre-logic skills would be things like Mindbenders or Lollipop logic or Critical Thinking books. We started off with Mindbenders and my kids liked them.


Informal Logic: We are doing Fallacy Detective now and hope to get to Thinking Toolbox. Another option would be Art of Argument. My kids (grades 6 & 7) find Fallacy Detective fun.


Formal Logic: I don't see that getting done within 10 minutes a day, nor will it be a fun into to logic.



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I want to do logic for all the reasons laid out in TWTM.


However, I want a secular program. And I'm afraid of a very time-consuming program, because I'm pulling my 12 year old through Homer B with my teeth.


What should I look at? Most of the recommended programs are Christian in nature.

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We are secular (um, very secular) and Fallacy Detective and Thinking Toolbox are definitely useable. Sometimes something comes up which has a Christian slant but it is fuel for discussion...being logic.

Art of Arguement is very useable by us secular folk..I plan to do that next.

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