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What are your favorite books for oceanography? Fiction, non-fiction all are welcome.

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If you are planning to cover marine life as part of this study, you may want to consider Pagoo by Holling C. Holling. It is a study on tide pool and ocean life from the viewpoint of a hermit crab. Queen Homeschool has a study guide available for this book as well.


I recently purchased The Sea around Us by Rachel L. Carson. It has not come in yet, so I can not provide you with my personal opinion. I believe this book was recommended on Ambleside.




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I also have the following to recommend:


The Desert Beneath the Sea

An Octopus is Amazing (Let's Read and Find Out Science)

Elephant Seal Island (A Science I Can Read Book)

Red Tag Comes Back (A Science I Can Read Book)

Seahorse (A Science I Can Read Book)

Pagoo (Holling C. Holling)

Exploring the Deep, Dark Sea (Gail Gibbons)

Life in a Tidal Pool (Silverstein)


Check your library for any other Gail Gibbons or Let's Read and Find Out Science books)


I am also PMing you right now.

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Not sure if it counts as a unit study but Awesome Ocean Science: Investigating the Secrets of the Underwater World by Cindy A. Littlefield is a fun book. We used a few years ago in conjunction w/ Konos. The Sea Around Us would be for your study, I think. It is an AO Year 6 book.

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Island Eyes: The Adventures of a Shell - Laney Lee


This is also very similar to the Hollings books. It takes place in the waters of Florida around Sanibel and Captiva. It is one of my favorites.


The Little Island - Margaret Wise Brown (Golden MacDonald) is a nice young children's picture book.

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There is a wonderful book called "Whale Mail" by Ron Hirschi, illustrated by Evon Zerbetz (a Ketchikan artist whose work graces our walls). It is about a family that researches whales as they migrate from Hawai'i to Alaska (or vice versa, I can't recall). There are postcards from the youthful researchers to your child in the pockets of the book --- hence the title.


I see that Ron Hirschi wrote another one about "what lives in the coral sea." I believe we've enjoyed that one as well.


And since you've got a 3yo too (or is he 4 now?), you mustn't miss "Sally and the Limpet." One of my all-time favorites. And you might as well read "Dear Mr. Blueberry" too! Off to go look for "Sally and the Limpet in my son's closet now.....


Oh, and we also enjoyed the Voyager's Stone but it is does not have quite the entertainment value as the others I've mentioned. Would be better for fourth or fifth grade, IMO. Oh, I just had to share that the "Pagoo" author and illustrator came to my second grade classroom to share his book, way back in 1969. I still remember that: wow, a real author! And he lives right here in my town!



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Guest Lorna

If you are thinking ahead, perhaps from about age nine, David Attenborough's 'Blue Planet' is superb.


I second 'Pagoo' too. It was one of my children's favourite read louds and they still remember a great deal from it. It teaches everything from microscopic life in the ocean to tides to plants and larger sea creatures. Wonderful.

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