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i think i wrote this same post a year ago.


homeschooling 2 adorable girls. 9 & 5.

i feel so tired, and burnt out. i really feel like i have lost my gusto!

we school till about noon (start about 8:30)

and we are all so ready to be done. we get the important subjects in for sure, but dont do any of the extras,composer study, art etc. but by 12, i am spent.


my problem is going between the 2. trying to help one, and the other is asking me something~drives me nutty. i am sort of impatient

anyway....the going back and forth thing....how do you all with 5, or 6 do it???


we combine wtm & charlotte mason, and the older one also does a latin coop once a week. as well as dance 3 times a week and music.

we do a lot of cool things, and i try to always have made a point for them to have beautiful,and creative things to do and work with.


i am dreaming of putting them in school next year, because i feel like i am not doing them justice, but at the same time i think they are doing fine. i have a teacher that checks in on us though the

charter, and she thinks we are great.

i know my girls would not want that though~nor my husband.


i really just feel tired of thinking about it all, and feeling the pressure.


why am i not feeling the love anymore with homeschooling?

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I used to fantasize about putting the kids in school every year. I've been homeschooling now 11 years. See if you can recharge by either taking a break for a week or whatever you do to reenergize and recharge. That usually works for me. You can still have the kids do some independent work during this time if you want. I think homeschool burnout is completely normal for most of us. Take a breather and then see how you feel. :)

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Sounds like it is time for spring break! When I can take a break and feel like I am not responsible for shaping the day of my kids it is so relaxing. I feel the stress melt away and I can come back with a fresh perspective.


Homeschooling is all consuming -- there is no end to your day, no coffee breaks or commute time. I'm with you -- I couldn't handle it with more than 2 kids and admire the moms here who do! It sounds like you ARE doing a wonderful job, that you shouldn't feel the pressure of getting to the "extras" in a formal way because you are shaping a wonderful and memorable childhood for your girls. They are getting more extras from the way you live your life than they would from a schoolish approach to composers or art.


I did very little outside of the 3Rs with my boys until they were 10-12, and they've turned out great. I know I worried (and still do) on a regular basis that I was ruining them and fantasized about sending them school. But we have such wonderful and happy memories from that time and I'm so glad we had that time.


Not that my experience is helping you. Take a break for yourself. Let your girls fill their own time for a week or two -- let them watch a little extra tv or listen to audio books. Make sure you find some time just for YOU -- read books, garden (if it is warm enough where you live). Go out by yourself if your dh or someone else can stay with the girls for a few hours. When you've had a break, go back to just the basics, guilt free, until you feel you can call it a year. Figure out how to carve out some down time for yourself each day, whether it is a quiet time each afternoon, or a book break for yourself. My kids learned not to bother me when I was sitting with food and a book!!


Sometimes a bit of a break can help you remember how to just be a mom and not a homeschooling mom -- you can just enjoy your kids and not worry about education, curricula, Latin....college. Hang in there!

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I am taking my hser to Florida for 20 days. Spring break time!


Looking forward to beaches, aquariums, Epcot. ;)


And my 10 yr old needs her Netflix fix of documentaries...lol...so the laptop is joining us. She is also excited about not having to go to ballet. She has major ballet burnout.


Take a mini break and see how you feel.

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It's that time of year. I would plan some field trips and start getting outside. I've often not done the fun stuff because of the exhaustion of getting everything done. Take a look at your curriculum and see if there are parts you can combine. If they know the material you don't need to stay tied to the book. They are still young. I think it's parenting that makes one tired. :) If they were in school you would have to work with them in the afternoon or evening when they are tired to do homework. Plus all the time to working with their various activities and classes and the getting ready in the morning and the not liking some of the curriculum at school and then there is the fun middle school girl stuff starting at nine or ten. Take a break and enjoy. They will grow up so fast. I love my teens but miss their younger days. (I also think we forget how many hours teaching takes and think we can do everything else besides.) Your K can play by herself or watch a Magic School Bus video while you work with the older one.


It sounds like you are doing a great job! Give yourself a little break. :D

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When was the last time you took a solid break from school? I have learned over the years that I can only go about 6 weeks before I need a week off. It's like my sabbath week or something. I just need a break. Sometimes I need 2 weeks off!


In our homeschool rule #1 is :


You may not interrupt when mom is working with someone else. (exceptions for blood and fire) ;)


Each child has a binder with daily dividers and behind each day are worksheets and things they can do without me. Everything from spelling pages to coloring and saduko to logic puzzles, anything I could think of really.


I clean it out and restuff it weekly. If they get stuck on an assignment and need me they know to work on these pages until I am avalible.


maybe something like that would help you feel less pulled in all directions.

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I think this is typical for Jan & Feb. Post Christmas blues, bills, typically dreary weather PLUS by now the bloom is off all the new curriculum which was shiny and fun in September. Now it's just drudgery. It's the middle of the race.


It's always like this for me, every year around this time - I don't even bother remarking on it anymore. It just IS. You plod through, one foot in front of the other.


What does help a bit is to try to mix things up a bit; maybe rearrange the order of your days, throw in something different: baking/cooking "lessons" with your kids? starting seeds in a window? watching for birds? nature walks looking for signs of spring? pull out that curriculum that's gathering dust because you thought you didn't have time for it? take a break from a curriculum or subject which is boring you? buy new craft supplies just for fun (Klutz has really nice things online)


Just keep on going & this too shall pass.

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what fantastic ideas everyone. really, i am going to take your advice!


today we had a "lite" day, and mommy was a lot happier. i need to get rid of these expectations i have on myself. sometimes i worry when i compare (or imagine) what her public school peers are doing, but i think she is a smart cookie.;)


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