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Does anyone know if Teaching Textbooks will replace a lost or damaged disk? If our disk is found, I'm not holding much hope it will be in usable condition.


I had asked here how to make copies and no one responded. Does anyone know how to make copies of what I have left and my other CDRom curricula? I know this will be an issue over and over with lost and damaged disks.

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Thanks for the info, True Blue. It's good to know I can at least get a replacement, but I'm really sick of worrying about these darn disks. Lessons would be a lot easier if I could have them do more subjects on their computers, but I'd just hate to keep investing in CDRoms they'll keep destroying.


It's TT5. We're a long way from being ready for Geometry, but thank you for the offer, Chris.

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For future reference, I copy my TT discs onto cheap CD-roms, label them with the child's name and "$5". It's been a life saver around here (can you guess why? :tongue_smilie:).
That's what I want to do! How do you copy them to other CDRoms? :bigear:


I did just hear that there is a way to load them onto a hard-drive (I'm hoping that works for an external HD, too) and I'm thinking I could then put all the computers on a network and have them use them straight from there! Of course, I have no idea how to do any of this either.:glare:

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