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Toilet training advice needed.

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It's that time again! Can you believe it (for those who might have followed my otherwise uneventful life)? My surprise homebirth baby is movin' on (hopefully).


He is nearly 2 and I thought I would try to train him earlier than the other kiddos. He's progressing faster than the other two did in order to keep up with them. Plus, he has an extra delicate, sensitive diaper area. The sooner I get him out of diapers, the happier he will be.


My problem is that I don't remember how I trained my girl and my other boy.:blush: All I know is that I waited until they were three because they were too small to get to a toilet. This time around, I am trying a potty (I hate that word!).


My tiny baby peed in it once and it freaked him out. It was kind of funny. He jumped up and looked at me with a "What just happened to me?" He'll sit on it but nothing. Sometimes he'll want to go and sit on it but he doesn't produce anything. I take him first thing the morning and upon waking up from a nap (those are the times I can remember). He just refuses. As soon as the pull up comes on, it poofs out like a startled puffer fish.


Tips and tricks anyone?

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I have no advice, all of my children were well over three before they were ready. Good luck. I'll be curious to hear what others have to say. 2 is pretty young. When my sil was determined to get her daughter trained early, my sil was really the one trained, her daughter had more accidents than you can count on two hands.



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My two older kids learned around 2 with no real problem. We just waited til summer and let them hang out with out diapers (mostly outside, with the potty outside too. A long shirt or short dress is the attire of choice). We're just waiting for warmer weather to start with my just turned 2 yo. I think knowing when it's happening makes it possible a bit earlier than otherwise.


I know it sounds kinda gross, but it works. (Admittedly, I have a ridiculously high gross factor :ack2:)

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My youngest is 3 and just this past week walked up and informed me, out of the blue, she wanted to use the bathroom. Music to my ears :)


I hate the toilet training phase but she is the third so I am basically letting her deal with it and she ios doing pretty well but then again she has the other two to watch so has a good idea of what the deal is.


Like you I am kinda fuzzy as the older kids are 10 and 7 so it has been a while. One thing I used with all, though, is a smaller seat that sits on the regular toilet instead of a potty chair. We started with a separate potty with the oldest and he had a real hard time getting the idea so we switched and it seemed to click immediately.

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After 3 kids my only advice is this: the longer you wait, the less poop you will clean off the floor. :tongue_smilie:



This was my mantra when going through the potty training time.


I would *much rather change a diaper than them pee in the middle of the commissary! I would try the potty thing for a few days and if they were just not interested, we would put it away and try again a few months later. My oldest was about 2 1/2 when we felt like we could take her out without a pull up safely.


Our middle dd...HA, she would not even contemplate the potty until she was 3 1/2. After many tries...a couple of them I resorted to drastic actions, I finally gave up when she was three...convinced she would go to collage in diapers. One day, about 5 months later, she came to me and told me she was going to go to the bathroom like a "big girl." From that day on it was done! I do not think she ever had an accident. I decided then and there I would never go through the stress of forcing it again. They will do it when they are ready.


My youngest, I had to actually discourage her from going to the potty! She was just turning two and wanted to go...and I told her she had to wait. :blink: We were planning a trip to Disney, and I could not think of anything worse than possible accidents while at the "Happiest Place on Earth!" I told her when we got back she could try it. The DAY we came home, she walked right in the door, went into the bathroom, climbed up on the toilet, and never looked back.

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She wakes up in the am and she automatically takes off her wet diaper and throws it away. I take her in to the potty where she sits for a few moments and then informs me that she's done. No pee. She goes w/out a diaper for most of the morning and I'll take her in to try again. Still nothing. BUT, as soon as that diaper goes back on...it's wet! :glare: She's just not ready, yet. This morning, she peed on my kitchen floor (I noticed this b/c I STEPPED in it :glare:). Nice. At least it wasn't carpet. The other day, she peed on the floor in ds5 & 6's room. We laughed and said she was "marking her territory!". All my others just trained when they were ready. I agree w/ the longer you wait, the less mess you clean up!

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I'll wait. I was hoping..well, I was hoping to be past this stage and curing his diaper rash problem.


Don't dispair. He could decide he's ready, because you've shown him the proverbial door.


I didn't teach my younger dd, my oldest did, and my younger one took my son to the bathroom.


My MIL bribed with M&M's. :glare: But, hey, it worked for her.

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