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Guess what my neighbor just did?!?! He just cut our grass for us. He has

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an attachment that collects leaves while he cuts, so all the leaves have been collected also. They are a precious older couple who have adopted our children. Last week we were all sick and they hadn't seen us in a while, so they called my husband's cell phone to make sure we were okay. Our land line was dead, so they were getting concerned. I feel very blessed!

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My poor dh is so sensitive, wants everyone to like him; he used to shovel the snow from our neighbors' sidewalks when we were living in Chicago. It worked with one neighbor, he was always so nice; it did not work with our other neighbor, who didn't like having "our kind" next door :(


But I think that's great of your neighbor to help out.. seems like we have lost a lot of the "neighborliness" that used to be such a part of the culture.. at least it, it was when I was growing up...



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