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Need a good farewell gift for piano teacher

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Classical? Jazz? Pop? Perhaps a CD with their favorite type of music/composer, etc.


If you wanted to go all out, you could buy The Teaching Company's How to Listen to and Understand Great Music---but then, it's pricey ($79++, I think) on sale, so if you're switching for financial reasons, that's maybe a bad idea!


We've usually given our piano/voice teacher a classical recording at Christmastime.

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A CD, iTunes gift card or other music gift would be nice.


I always enjoy a gift card from the music store so I can buy some pieces for my own enjoyment (not just curriculum).


Might be pricy, but performance tickets? There have been symphony and other musical performances I have really enjoyed (and some I would have loved to attend).


Any help?

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We're switching because we're at a studio, and we're planning to add in TBOM to piano lessons. Even with the sibling discount, it's just too much. We found a girl at church who will teach both kids for only a little more per month than we were paying at the studio, and she'll come to the house to boot!:hurray:

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