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planning for 9th grade

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Getting ready to put together next years schedule for my rising 9th grader and I was wondering if you could share your schedule or what you are planning for your 9th grader.





MATH: Saxon Alg II

HISTORY: Sonlight American History

SCIENCE: Apologia Biology

ENGLISH: Rod and Staff 8, Home2Teach writing, Wordly Wise 3000, Lit(?)

MUSIC: Homeschool Band

P.E.: Kayak/Canoe

BIBLE: (?)

Keyboarding (?)

Spanish (?)

Greek(?)...this is his choice

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Jumping in here with a very tenative 9th grade schedule:


Sonlight Core 100, American History (history/lit./Bible, but no LA) Adding in the Hakim tests.

Algebra 1 not sure what yet?? maybe video text, but also considering Saxon.

IEW US history based writing

French 2 (we are losing our tutor and will pick up with Rosetta Stone.)

Apologia biology

critical thinking workbook?

lots of time for her art (she wants to go to an art college)

Worldly Wise

12 hrs. of ballet a wk.

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Jacobs Geometry, then Saxon Algebra II (we do math year-round)


Science: Apologia Biology II; prep and take AP exam.


History & lit:

Ancients thru Dante using Notgrass World (1/2) Gileskirk lectures and about 8 great books with Omnibus I-II as a guide.



Lots of weekly essays (half from Notgrass), spring research paper.


Latin: Wheelock I (online class)


Government and Civics at a local class



Classical Rhetoric for the Modern Student

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My grade 9 dd is doing most of her courses as semester courses.


Completed: Geometry (LoF with some Dressler & another book)

Conceptual Chemistry

Tradtional Logic


All year courses:

German 1 (we stopped Latin 1--horrors!)

Phy Ed (swimming)

Vocabulary (Jensen's)


This semester:

History 1--SWB's History of the Ancient World with a few great books (she liked Epic of Gilgamesh)

English 1--R&S 8, Wordsmith, Literature (including the great books for history in a crossover, but some other books, including contemporary ones)

Art 1

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Well, we have 11 weeks left of 9th grade, and I think we've finally decided what we're doing - LOL!


History: TruthQuest (Greece and Rome), along with parts of Beautiful Feet, Spielvogel and Golden's Universal History of the World



Primary Sources from
Sources of the Western Tradition




Greenleaf's Guide to the Old Testament



Latin: Latin II online with Memoria Press


English: IEW's Phonetic Zoo Level C



Vocabulary from Classical Roots, B and C




IEW's Fix-It! for Grammar




IEW's SWI-C, High School Essay Intensive, and Elegant Essay




Memory Work



Logic: We completed Traditional Logic I and are reading various Critical Thinking books right now. I may give this a half credit, or it may just get lumped into English.


Biology: Apologia


Literature: Mostly we are using Smarr's Ancient Lit, but I add in readings from Heroes of the City of Man - and we are changing some of the plays in Smarr to include plays covered in Heroes.


Math: Saxon Algebra I. We are new to Saxon this year, and I'm hoping DS will be agreeable to working through the summer so we can start Algebra II early. (Well, one can hope!)

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