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Uncle Eric books and guides...

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Whatever Happened to Penny Candy is a fine intro to economics; I'd say it's for gr. 5-8. You could also use it in high school along with something beefier and more at grade level as part of a high school economics course.



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Also got his two books, "World I" and "World II". While Maybury *does* tell you his viewpoint up front, both books are so single-mindedly from an economic point of view about the wars, that I found it was really not what we were looking for in the way of modern history. I did appreciate how he connects the economic and multiple treaties as reasons why WW1 happened; and that WW2 was really a continuation in some ways of WW1, but... looking at the 2 world wars solely from an economic view is very limited in my opinion. Plus, at over $20 per book for paperback books -- waayyy overpriced for a single idea!


Just my opinion! Warmest regards, Lori D.

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I would not use them as the sole basis for a high school govt./economics class. I'm just starting to look into economics for next year, but I own Penny Candy, the guide and the WWI and WWII books. They are *highly* opiniated, which Maybury acknowledges. Have you read them? They could certainly make for good discussion. ;) But I would not use them standing alone. I'm also looking into Hazlitt and a couple of other resources.




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Has anyone used the Uncle Eric books and guides for their childs gov't/economics? If yes what is our opinion of using them for this purpose?




to make a decent spine. It would work as a great discussion starter AFTER your student recieves a good grounding in economics. It's too bad, because the delivery style is friendly and accessable.


I haven't seen WW1 and WWII, but I have seen his Roman Book. The Roman book also is one that would spark many heated debates, but I'd use it only after teaching from more even-handed sources.


Have you looked at The Teaching Company lectures on economics? They're good. A good supplemental book would be The Worldly Philosophers, which traces economic philosophy history through short biographies of the leading economists.

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As an econ major, I'd certainly not use these books as the basis for studying the subject. Don't even know that I'd augment our studies with them, for that matter. I do use Whatever Happened to Penny Candy? in conjunction with a Sonlight core, but even that book doesn't particularly impress me.

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