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People who have "Been There, Done That" with Jr. High hs

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What do you wish you had used? What gaps are you noticing with your students? I have a 6th grader who is doing great, but I want to keep it that way! Currently he is using:

Lial's Basic College Math (will go on to Lial's Intro. Alg in fall)

Rod and Staff Eng. 6 (will move up)

Latin Prep (will move up)

Apologia Exploring Creation with Gen. Science (Will move up mid-year to physical science)

Wordly Wise 3000 (may use some roots program next year)

Veritas Press history

A generic Geography program

Reading/spelling McGuffey Readers

Logic - Logic Liftoff and Analogies for the 21st Century


Does that sound well enough rounded and complete enough to you? My biggest concern is history. Would love to hear from people at this age level who have used Tapestry of Grace and just love it, or any other program and think it is remarkable. Also, I would like to know of some great Geography program also - we're really not pressing that as an important subject, and we probably need to be. Thank you so much.

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We are using TOG this year and I am very, very pleased with it.


It is teaching my dd to find answers to questions on her own, without the benefit of a textbook with answers easily determined. She is given a set of questions at the beginning of the week, and has to find the answers within the readings that she is assigned. Many of the questions require her to make her own connections and draw her own conclusions. She cannot always rely on the readings, but many times has to search for the answer elsewhere. I think this is excellent training for independent study.


I love the teacher's notes, which provide background for me, the teacher. I am given clear directives as to what to focus on each week. I can't say enough good things about this program. I've been using the Classic, and I can't wait to use the Redesign next year. :001_smile:

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