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math choices for next year

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My 7th grade son is currently doing Chalkdust Pre-Algebra. He LOVES Dana Mosely. Math has never been his best subject. He finally liked math after doing TT7 last year as a 6th grader. He liked Pre-Algebra fine and actually called math fun in the fall, but his average was a B minus. This semester he is really struggling making C's and he just made a D on the chapter 8 test. He turns 13 in a couple of weeks and is now taller than me and decides I have nothing relevant to say on most subjects. When I sit and try to explain things to him he just says I make no sense, that he can do it. When I sit next to him he CAN rework some, but not all. He doesn't want my help. I've suggested that he take notes during the lecture. Stop and do the problem. No, mom I just need to watch it. (Obviously not.) Yesterday, instead of doing his test all the way through, he kept sneaking and reading Huckleberry Finn. He will be a history or literature kind of guy, so I don't know that he has to have Algebra I next year for 8th. I would rather get him settled with his basic skills. If problems are straight forward, follow a formula, then he can do them easily. It is when you really have to think about the word problems that he throws up his hands. I try to sit and work with him, but he says I make no sense. Dh isn't an option. His hours are not regular. This week he has left at 6am and gotten home at 8 or later (11 one night). He is on call this weekend. I'm just not sure what to do with math next year or even how to finish out the year. I bought a LOF book and he thought that was the stupidest looking thing he had ever seen. GRRR. I'm just not sure what to do. Do I sit right next to him MAKING him take notes and making him do math all in one sitting (which would probably take 2 hours of torture...not sure what my 2nd grader would do all that time). I own TT Algebra I and II. To be honest, I really wonder if sending him to school would help as he performs for everyone else beautifully. I know that this may belong on the K -8 board, but it deals with higher math and making sure he is ready to do high school level math.



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I would look into having him tutored before sending him to school, just me. Have you considered something like Jann in TX offers, where he would answer to a teacher each week? It would also be an alternative person to explain those things he doesn't understand without putting you in the middle.


If TT worked well for him in the past you might consider it as well. I personally don't know much about the program but do follow the, if it ain't broken don't fix it, point of view at times. :)

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It doesn't sound like he's ready for Algebra 1 next year, and he certainly doesn't have to take it in grade 8. However, I would do pre-Algebra again with something different and perhaps with a tutor. We happen to really enjoy Life of Fred, and prefer that over TT. Okay, my eldest hated TT Algebra 1, but my younger one is enjoying it along with LoF (it starts with pre-Algebra) but we don't have the video. However, she's going to do Algebra 1 again when she's done this with something totally different than those two.


I often have to confiscate books, and my middle dd has a library book locked in the van so that she can read it once she's finished school & chores (she's nearly done--she's really into this book.)

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