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Looking for a few opinions on Rosetta Stone - German

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We will have completed a year of Latin in May and all three of my children are excited to begin German because of our family's heritage. I had four years in high school. Has anyone loved the Rosetta Stone program or is there something else out there at the high school level that you have just loved?

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My kids, 14 and 11, are using Rosetta German 1. They both really enjoy it. The only problem I have had is the headphone/microphone. I had 2 and they both broke within a month of use. For the cost they should be better quality. Anyways, I bought a microphone and just let the sound come over the speakers. That has been working for a several months now. It is the homeschool edition, so it schedules lessons and tracks what they are doing.

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One German program that uniformly receives raves is that of Oklahoma State University's online program. You'll see it mentioned in this thread:


OK online German or Rosetta Stone?


Here's another thread that might prove informative for you to read:


Due to budget cuts, my son's German class at the CC will be cut next year...


Also, click on the German tag below to find some other threads of interest.




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my ds struggled with the immersion style of RS. He's a little bit of a perfectionist and found it hard to try to figure out what word meant what and how it was to be used. After hearing glowing reviews of Oklahoma University's German online program we decided to do that. It has been great for both he and I and he's learning so well. I only wish I had tried this earlier, we would have saved so much money. If I were to recommend one over the other it would be Oklahoma's German program, hands down!!

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