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For those of you who don't use Saxon math ...

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the explanations are so very thorough; this is consistent throughout the books. Also, the books have a mastery rather than an incremental approach like Saxon. Plus, there's a very comprehensive chapter review just before the chapter test, and then immediately after that there's a cumulative chapter review that covers all of the concepts from the previous chapters, so that the student doesn't forget them. There are DVT's (digital video tutors) as well, which are like a DVD but a bit clunkier. They play in the CD-ROM drive or DVD drive of your computer.


We're using Chalkdust for Geometry, and it was going very well until the 8th chapter. My oldest didn't do well in that chapter. Based upon Dana Mosely's advice, we're continuing on with the 9th chapter. The DVD instruction is excellent; I'm not as excited about the book because I'm used to the more thorough explanations that Lial's gives. Still, overall, she's learning geometry, but we are proceeding slowly now. I'm not sure what tripped her up in the 8th chapter, but if she has even a hint of trouble I'm calling or e-mailing Dana Mosely and will have him talk to my oldest. The tech. support (i.e., help with chapter problems) is very good with Chalkdust. I would not do Chalkdust just with the book----the DVD's are essential.



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Guest Nancy

We are using Teaching Textbooks!! We have 4 boys and have or are using all the following: Math 7, Pre-algebra, Alg. 1, Alg. 2 and Geometry. The curr. is written by two brothers who have Masters degree in mechanical engineering. Go check out their website: www.teachingtextbooks.com My boys are soaring with this program and I don't have to teach it!

Nancy in MI

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Why - because I need a "teacher in a can" since I do NOT do math. I almost finished my PhD w/o ever taking algebra!!!!!! (hey, California had very easy graduation requirements for high school back in my day...then the local cc. let me do a science instead of math, and then the four-yr place accepted the cc. two-yr degree w/o question, etc. etc. I had NO math class since middle school!


Now - it there had been TT and/or Videotext back in my day...I'd have got it! I can actually understand math when I peek over the kid's shoulder and watch a lesson!

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We really liked MUS for elementary school because it was so thorough on the WHYS of math and we liked the kinesthetic component. I also really liked it because it gave me confidence as I was math phobic at that point.


We swithced to Jacob's for Al I and Geometry because they are also very strong in the why department and I think they are very approachable.


Now we are into Foerster because it was recommended as a great follow on to Jacobs, being very similar in style and excellent as strong college prep material.




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We started homeschooling our current highschooler in 7th grade and used a hodgepodge of free resources for pre-Algebra. (I'd use Lial's Basic College Math if I had to do that again.)


For Algebra 1, we used Lial's Beginning Algebra.

For Geometry, Jacobs' Geometry (2nd ed.).

For Algebra 2, Lial's Intermediate Algebra.


This year she has done College Algebra and Trigonometry at the local community college which uses Sullivan's Pre-Calculus for its text.


She used Chalkdust's SAT Review before taking the SAT this March and found it helpful.




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I do use Saxon sometimes, for some things, but I generally prefer Singapore for math, as I believe that it really does a good job of teaching one to "think" mathematically, if that makes any sense. With it, my older son was able to do algebraic type problems before he learned to use algebraic equations.



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Guest Katia

We use a mix of Teaching Textbooks and Life of Fred. Why: I do not know upper level maths and we have no one that can explain them to her, so we needed a program that would teach her totally, which TT does, and it has support. (you can email or call the authors and they will help you)


This year dd is using TT geometry, and I wanted her to keep up her algebra skills, so we added Life of Fred Advanced Algebra. She LOVES it, so we plan to just keep on doing LOF books along with the TT for next year as well. Why: pretty much same as above, except for that it is fun, fun, FUN and the author is also very accessible.


I do have a Lial's Intermediate Algebra, but looking through it, it doesn't cover anything that LOF does not cover in Advanced Algebra, actually LOF covers more, so I'm not sure we'll use it at all.


Life of Fred can be found at:



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As Nan in Mass said, Singapore, because it is very applied.


Dolciani cause I used it, loved it, and my math skills are very strong as a result of it.


Foerster cause Singapore and Dolciani do not have a calculus book and cause it had prepared a friend's girls to get 5's on their AP Calculus tests.

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