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What I am doing during our Easter Break, suggestions welcome.


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I am having my 11 yo dd do a little bit of Spanish every day. It is always based on a book that I read to both my dds or that my oldest reads out loud to her little sister and myself.


So far these are the activities I have had my daughter do:


Choose passage, copy and illustrate it, then write a summary (in Spanish, of course).


Do a cross word, word search or fill in the blank type of exercises based on vocabulary and phrases found in the book.


Read the story out loud then write down any words she didn't know. I give her the translation if she can't guess it from context. Then illustrate each of the words and write the English equivalent.


Any other ideas? I am just trying to get her to do a little bit every day, but I want to make it fun and not too repetitive.


Thank you for any suggestions.

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How about rewriting sentences changing the tenses? I plan to introduce my kids to past tense this fall, and that is one thing I hope to have them try and do.


I hope we can soon get to where you are. It's hard teaching a foreign language, especially when the teacher is not fluent--as is my case. :)


Good Luck!

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