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Nifty cross stitch for school area

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http://http://www.nordicneedle.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=NN&Product_Code=4502 I just finished this -ha -I did start the hanky pysanky ukranian egg pattern one in the same section. A while ago I inquired as to whether any other people were stitchers and noted that several were . Here is the link to where I have found unusual, challenging and utterly fabulous patterns and threads that really help me to relax this time of year . Thought you might be interested in these. This multiplication table is just too perfect...Find a quiet place and relax.
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Sadly, I can't get your url to work. Is this it? It's pretty cool. Love it.


I'm a stitcher who hasn't stitched in a while, but I just got a good pattern I'm looking forward to doing. I'd love to get a good one for the schoolroom. My futile quest is to design my own pattern with the motto of the Madras Library: "To be literate is to possess the cow of plenty." Only I need an Indian-looking cow or something and I'm not having much luck.

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Glad to be of help -now I must go stitch as I have 3 projects in progress that demand some effort from this ol gal. 28 count linen is a whole nother world and by gosh it will not defeat me. I am truly delighted to have been able to find something that will work for you. Nordic needle is truly dangerous and their catalogues are the Rainbow Resource of needlework-I lose all restraint when I get their printed catalogue, on the up side dd is learning to love needlework and at 12 distractions are welcome.

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