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Looking for resources for studying WWI

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I have lots of books & such, but I'm looking for some sort of printable study guide. What I have in mind is something like a chronological fill-in-the-blank outline that covers the events leading up to WWI through the aftermath. The student would read and then fill in the blanks on the outline with names, places & dates. I don't have time to make one myself. Does anyone know of anything like this? (I'd also be interested in something like this for other major 20th century events, such as the Great Depression, WWII, the Space Race, etc.) Thanks!

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Just a sudden idea--You could use the quizzes on the Wadsworth site from the Spielvogel Western Civ book, print them out, and use them as a study guide. Not exactly what you want, but maybe helpful? They also have crossword puzzles for vocab practice. (I know, whoopee and all that.)

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I really hesitate suggesting this material because I believe that overall it is too simplistic.


That said, since you want only one particular topic, you might check out the Lifepacs from Alpha-Omega that cover WWI. Checking AO's scope and sequence, WWI is covered in Lifepac grade 5 (Unit 6), grade 6 (Unit 8), grade 8 (Unit 8), grade 10 (Unit 8), and grade 11 (Unit 7). I think you can order individual Lifepacs directly from Alpha-Omega.


Also, maybe you could use Hakim's A History of US book that covers WWI combined with the study guide that is available or the resources at Freedom: A History of US.


Be sure not to miss Albert Marrin's book The Yanks are Coming.




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