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Ds is going to finish a couple of his books early, need suggestions..

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I was just looking through the rest of ds' English materials, he's going to be done early.. like, in a month. We don't have our summer plans finalized yet, but we usually start traveling sometime at the beginning of June.


So, I'm going to need to add in something there, and I don't have the time (or money) to have something shipped.


He's 10, and English is his strong suit. He will be finishing SWO E and GUM C both about the same time, I guesstimate by early April. He is a natural speller and "grammarian" lol, he has completed these books almost entirely on his own (with me checking his work each day), but I still want to continue with work, review or what have you, for the rest of the school year. We are also doing Classical Writing Beginning Poetry, I have a feeling we'll be finishing that up early too..


So, I'm looking for suggestions for some work he could do for about two months, has to be things I can get online (it's fine if I have to pay and download, although free would be great, lol)... or any unit study ideas where I could take a certain book and have language lessons derived from that, if you know what I mean.. grammar lessons, spelling lessons, sentence diagramming, the basics. He's pretty strong in all those, but I don't want to go for so long without practice.


Thanks in advance for any suggestions!



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They have room in several of them. I would check their website.

I think it's Bravewriter.com.


Last year DD took Kidswrite Basic, and it was great for her.


They are just writing and not grammar, but might be a great change of pace for that area. Then adding those grammar worksheets you would be all set.

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One idea -- have him write a "Year in Review" paper with articles about the various subjects he studied over this past year. Sit down with him and come up with a list of articles he thinks should be in the paper, and then let him work on one or two a week during the time he would have been doing other "English" subjects.


Or if he has a passion for something (e.g. airplanes, whales), he could write a newspaper with lots of articles on different types of airplanes or whales. You could help him compile it on the computer and email it to your friends and relatives.


Another thing to consider might be to let him use the extra time to learn to touch type. I had my 11 yo learn to type over last summer. He used Typing Tutor. It's made a lot of difference in his willingness to write his school papers because editing is such an easy job now.


Congrats to you both on finishing early!


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