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before the snow melts... "snow candy" recipes?

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Guest Lorna

For 3/4 pound of candy you will need:

Dark molasses 1 cup

Brown sugar 1/2 cup

9-inch pie pans, 4; saucepan with lip, 2 quart; glass, 6 ounce; heatproof pitcher, 1 cup


Fill pans with fresh snow, then set outside in snow to chill when you start cooking.

Combine molasses and brown sugar in the saucepan (don't use a smaller one; candy needs to boil up) and bring to a boil. On medium heat continue to cook, stirring frequently.

After 5 mintues begin testing the syrup by dripping some from a spoon into a glass of cold water. The drops may dissolve and make the water cloudy, or they may form soft balls. Using clean water each time, repeat test every few mintues until a sample forms a firm ball in the water (245F). Remove from heat. Pour half the hot candy into the pitcher so two people can pour two portions.

Fetch pots of snow. Working rapidly, pour hot syrup onto cold surfaces. When candy has hardened break it into bite-size pieces, setting two aside for the cooks.


From 'The Little House Cookbook' by Barbara M. Walker.


Have fun!

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Guest Lorna


I think my post was a little late yesterday because the snow had melted in Europe before I saw your post, but, this morning we woke up to more snow! I hope you get to use you new recipes.

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I really hope you try this!!! As Carol said, just plain ol' maple syrup!


***** Please work very carefully with boiling syrup and children!!!*****


To make hard candy boil that syrup for about 5 minutes. Then each person swirl a spoon around in the syrup and plunge the spoon into the snow to cool (like lolipops). In a different batch of snow, drizzle the remaining syrup over the snow. You can experiment with thick and thin strands of candy.


Have fun!

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