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Christian Light vs Rod and Staff Math for young ones


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Well I can answer about Christian Light . Christian Light is a spiral method ( much like Saxon math ) introducing new concepts a little at a time . It does work a bit faster then Saxon . But is a very thorough yet gentle at the same time . The Sunrise Edition from what I have read is just plain excellent . I haven't read a negative thing about it yet . Everything you need is in this math program , easy to use teacher manuals , drill , and each grade level has just the right amount of math problems per page . Christian Light is in workbook form for all grade levels 1-12th ( though Sunrise only goes to 7th grade this year but CLE plans on having all their grades Sunrise at some point ) .


Rod and Staff , is a mastery program . Working on one concept at a time . Also is gentle in the way it presents concepts . Cons : They only have math in workbook form for grades 1 and 2 . 3rd and up are text book . So if you have a child that balks about writing , writing just doesn't match up with age , or writing is just difficult for your child . That can be an issue . Also the higher the grade the more math problems in the book . I can't remember at what level that starts but it does eventually become a problem for some children who get overwhelmed with seeing too many math problems on one page . Also their math goes to 8th grade I believe .


There is a yahoo group called Christian Light Families and alot of the moms there can answer your questions between the two programs since its a Christian Light /Rod and Staff group :>)

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and my ds loves, loves, loves Christian Light. He told me straight out after finishing about 2/3 of the R&S 1st that R&S is too boring. He did ok with it at first, but as the year went on he kept delaying doing math as long as possible every day. Finally he just told me that he really, really , realllllllly doesn't like R&S.

I switched him to CL and after a few days, he told me "he's attached to this math book"


I wanted to use R&S as my older ds did better w/a mastery program, but my little one surprised me again.



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I don't know about R&S, but we have tried many, many math programs (Singapore, Horizons, Calvert, MUS), and we love, love, love CLE math. I only wish we had begun CLE earlier.


NOTE: CLE is advanced. Average or below-average math students or teachers would do well to consider using CLE one year "behind." THere is still plenty of meat.

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