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Homeschool Olympic Gold Medals...

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In honor of the Olympics will you share your homeschool gold medal winners? They can be best homeschool book, best curriculum, best organization book, best keep you sane book, etc.


I'll take the easy one:


Gold Medal - The Well Trained Mind - I use this book constantly. This is the book I lend to friends who are interested in homeschooling. When I'm in a slump or we hit an area that causes trouble, I reread sections (and usually realize that if I'd done as they suggested, I wouldn't be having that problem.) When I'm planning for the next year, I'm right back in it looking at the reviews.


Also at the podium - MUS and IEW. Both are fantastic!

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Oh fun! Hmm....


Gold for online curriculums: http://www.amblesideonline.com and http://www.oldfashionededucation.com


Gold for paid curriculum online: http://www.lessonpathways.com


Gold for free books: Google books and http://www.mainlesson.com/


Gold blog: http://satorismiles.com/ Though she is educating secularly and we are seeped in Bible, it has been a joy and honor to watch little Satori grow! Angela (love her name :lol: ) is a great mother and inspires me deeply. Now....if I can get her to give me blogging lessons! :tongue_smilie:


Gold homeschooling forum: THe Hive! I LOVE it here! It has greatly helped me really see what I want for my children and help me put that in action.


Gold books to inspire me regarding homeschooling: The Bible, The Well Trained Mind, Charlotte Mason's books


Gold Reference materials: DK and Kingfisher books SO BEAUTIFUL!


Ok...so some of my Golds are ties! :lol:

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