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Nan in Mass, could you someday write a memoir

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That never occurred to me. I suppose I have plenty to say about my parents, who are awesome, but a book? That sounds long. And like hard work. And who would want to read it? They aren't particularly special outside our own family world. Do memoires need plots? I'm hoping their only plot consists of "and they lived happily ever after", which isn't one. And I can't write. At least, I can sort of write poetry, and I have even written a poem about my mother, but a book is different, isn't it? Or is it? Writing poetry is like sweating blood on purpose. I don't think I could do that for a whole book. It's an intriguing idea, though. If I could write about anything it would be them. And I'll need something to do when the children stop homeschooling. Hopefully it will be a bit before I get into the elder-care stage. I was thinking of trying my hand at watercolour...


Thank you for thinking I could actually do this.



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enjoyed reading your posts regarding childrearing and some of the wisdom that your parents passed along to you through their example. I love reading these stories! I've printed out several of your posts within the past week and am keeping them with my other important papers. Thank you for sharing these! :)

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