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Dd13 has been breezing through Lial's BCM this year and is anxious to start Algebra. I thought LoF might be a good fit but it doesn't have enough hand holding for either of us. I need a solid refresher and she needs better explanations than we are getting in LoF.


Y'all steered me to Lial's BCM last year and it was perfect. What do you recommend for Algebra and beyond?

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My oldest liked Jacobs Algebra. My middle dd liked Kinetic Books Algebra I better. I think they are both very good.


I didn't notice the "and beyond" part of the question.


I like Jacobs Geometry. I used 2nd edition with my oldest and am using 3rd edition with my middle dd. I like 3rd better. The teacher manual is far better for the 3rd edition and I like the way that it has stepped a lot more of the proofs. There was a big discussion about geometry on this board recently and quite a few people posted that they didn't like Jacobs Geometry, so you should do a search for that post.


My oldest used Kinetic Books Algebra II while it was still in beta. My middle dd is excited that she will be able to return to Kinetic Books for Algebra II next year. She really liked their Algebra I.


I'm using Larson's Precalculus for my oldest this year. I bought it using the ISBNs that Pongo listed. Some of the dvd video clips haven't worked. I think about 1/3 of the clips my dd has tried to watch haven't worked. My dd only watches the video clip when she doesn't understand the book, so she has only tried to watch 8-10 of the video clips.


I'm not sure whether I'll stick with Larson's for my next dd for Precalculus or try Lial's. My oldest wasn't sure which one she wanted to use. She was able to compare Larson's, Lial's, and Foerster's side-by-side. She didn't like Foerster's at all, but thought Larson's and Lial's both looked good. She finally decided on Larson's.


My kids will go to the cc for Calculus. I could teach it, but I'd rather they get experience with taking math class at the cc at that level. That way I can help if they need it.

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You could stick with Lial for Algebra 1 & 2. It seems that lots of people here like them. Note that there are two different versions for each by Lial.


The hardback is now in its 10th edition and the titles are "Beginning Algebra" and "Intermediate Algebra." The paperback is now in its 9th edition and the titles are "Introductory Algebra" and "Intermediate Algebra."


I don't think there's much difference between the versions, though on this board more parents prefer the paperback version. I myself have the paperback version ("Introductory Algebra") and I will be getting a sample copy of the hardback version (I'm actually not a HS-ing parent, but a math teacher interested in textbooks) so I can compare the two.


Another thing to note is that it is recommended to get an earlier edition (like the 7th or 8th) of the paperback version, because they're of course cheaper.


I'm going to punt regarding Geometry. There IS a geometry book by Lial, but it is not as well regarded by users as the other books in her developmental math series.




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Seconding AngieW's recommendation of Jacobs Algebra -- I think it is perfect for younger teens and a great relief after BCM which was a good review but very heavy on calculator use.


We liked Jacob's Geometry 2nd edition with proofs then moved to Foerster for Agebra II and Precalculus w/Trig.


For Calculus we're using Larson -- dd is taking Calculus online.


In reality there are lots of good choices out there. Have fun choosing -- I order up different texts from the library system whenever possible to get a feel for sequence, layout /etc.



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My daughter used Lial's Beginning Algebra, Jacobs' Geometry (2nd ed.), and then Lial's Intermediate Algebra all at home. She then went to the community college for College Algebra and Trigonometry (these were each quarter long classes that used the same text, Sullivan's PreCalculus). In her senior year, she did AP Statistics through PA Homeschoolers on-line class.




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