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FYI: Vertigo

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If anyone here suffers from benign position vertigo (or knows someone who does), you will want to know that in the last few years a new treatment has become available.


My mom has had dizzy spells for years, and she has been to the hospital due to dizziness and vomiting more times than I can recall since her stent surgery. She was finally sent to an ENT who tested her for vertigo (took 10 seconds) and then sent to a physical therapist trained to cure it. Most people can have it cured in one visit (if it is only in one ear, which it is most often).


If the doctors had known this, my mom would not have had to struggle with vertigo for the last five years.


Just thought there might be someone here who could benefit from this little bit of knowledge.



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My Dr. sent me to physical therapy for my vertigo a few years ago and guess what no more vertigo! Although I will say that a few times during therapy I felt a little pukey (is that a word?), he also gave me exercises to do at home. I used to wake up dizzy some days so it's great to be without it. FWIW I went to the PT 4 times. I'm glad your mom is better!

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Wow, I am in the beginnings of a vertigo bout right now. Please tell me more. I get it a few times a year and it is awful. I am completely unable to do anything and no medication helps. I am going to check out the link.




Mom was diagnosed by going from a sitting position to lying flat very quickly--her head was to one side, and when her eyes "bounced" in a rhythmic pulsation and she was (obviously) dizzy, they called it benign position vertigo.


The PT had her do the same sitting to lying while holding her head to one side for a minute, had her turn, looking up for a minute, turn to the other side....and finally to a sitting position--slowly moving those crystals through the ear canal back to where they belonged.


She then has to keep her head "even" for the day and sleep in a recliner for 2 days--those next 2 days she must not lift her head up high (drinking soda from a can) or turn her head facing the floor (tying shoes). The following 2 nights she may sleep in her bed, but she should not sleep on the ear that was "fixed". After the end of 4 days, the crystals that have been floating in the wrong place tend to stay put.


Mom had it in both ears, so today she went back to have the 2nd ear worked on (they cannot do both at the same time since doing the 2nd ear would "undo" the 1st ear). Mom's right ear still had some crystals floating in it, but the eye bouncing was much, much, much reduced when we compared it to the left side. Those few crystals may take care of themselves.


Since mom has had vertigo for so long, she will also return for therapy that will help her with balance problems.


FYI, some physical therapists have a lot of training in this; others have taken a 2 week course for certification. Ours said those taking the 2 week course can help people a lot, but she's seen a few of them do a rather odd interpretation of the process.



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I had a bout of vertigo for several days a few years ago. I just have to say that if I am feeling that dizzy, there better have been grape therapy involved. I had all the hallmarks of someone being drunk without getting to have the drink. I rarely drink because I don't like the sensation so to have that thrust upon me really stank!:thumbdown:

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