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Soon to be High Schooler

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I have a 13 year old son and I want to start planning high school. Where do I start? What about record keeping, transcripts, state requirements? I don't even know for sure what I need to ask. Could someone get me started on what to do and where to look for information?




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Welcome to high school! Here is "replay" (lol) from a recent post about how I went about planning high school:


- I started planning high school by hanging out on this board and asking lots of specific questions.

- I also did research by reading some homeschooling high school books.

- Then I printed off the list of our state's high school class requirements, and also the list of required classes for entrance into several of our state universities. That gave me a list of 18-20 "required classes" I knew we would need to cover somehow. That also left 4-6 classes for electives for our DC to explore interests.

- Then I started to plug in classes for each grade to get a feel for a very general "big picture" of the 4 high school grades.

- Be sure to leave room for unexpected interests and extracurricular activities.

- Don't overwhelm you student in 9th grade with 7 full-credit classes; 5-6 credits in the first year of high school is plenty! Remember, a 1-credit course roughly translates to about 1 hour of work per day, 5 days a week.

- Make a list of non-academic goals and priorities for your student, too, and make sure you leave time to include these -- high school is your last little window of opportunity to pour into your student; do you *really* want to make it only about academics? What about learning life skills (learning to budget; cook; change the oil in the car), or spiritual growth (Bible study, family devotionals, youth group), or learning how to have a balanced life (you want academics and study time; but also time for physical exercise or activities; social time; community service or volunteering; etc.), and especially time to talk together, or allow your student time to just think, dream, fiddle around with a hobby...

- Be aware that your time gets even tighter in the junior and senior years -- students are learning to drive, have more social commitments, may be working part time...



Below are some past threads with great book resources for helping you figure out credits, transcripts, etc, and about getting started with homeschooling high school. Welcome to high school! Come on in -- the water's fine! :tongue_smilie: Warmest regards, Lori D.



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Welcome! Lori D. gave you some great threads to read. You might also do a tag search and read the posts (some are likely duplicates) under these headings:


high school chat

high school cold feet

high school credits

high school planning

high school prep

high school readiness





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