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Latinum has a few thousand students using its audio courses. These are based on Comenius' methodology, which really is similar to Krashen - comprehensible input, plus grammar. Latinum also thinks it is important to produce the language - in writing, and in speech.

So, we have Latinum, a multi-level immersion course, with many hundreds of hours of Latin immersion available, and explicit tuition as well, (i.e. grammar)


For a very bright kid, the advantage of this method of teaching, is that the child can really advance extremely fast. A large degree of autonomy can also be encouraged.


Once the student is up to a certain level, all the material provided is in Latin only. Students are encourged to use a Latin-Latin dictionary, read Latin language grammar books, etc, once they have passed the first three years of study, and Latinum expects its users to acquire the ability to converse in Latin.


Latinum thus also offers opportunities for students to communicate - the audio-visual locutorium on Latinum's Latin language social network site, is busy every evening, and a parade of users pass through every day, who speak to and write to each other in Latin. There are also daily text study groups in the locutorium, where Latin texts are read aloud, and discussed in Latin.


Starting from scratch 2 years ago, Schola now has over 1300 members.

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Here are some more resources:

Here are some links to some interesting sounding Latin resources. They were embedded in a rather erudite sounding thread, so I thought I would give them their own thread.



Some more are listed in these posts:




The original thread was pretty interesting, too.







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