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lipstick out of white cotton dress?

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Okay, if something can go wrong, it will....at least for me.


I got dark pink lipstick on my daughter's WHITE dress. I tried using a bar soap and the spot remover to get it out and it's a LOT better, but there is still a smidge on her dress.


Anyway to get it out? We're supposed to be leaving in 20 min!



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It is a combination stain. You must treat it as both an oil stain and a protein ( i think) stain.


The oil will come out will dishwashing soap.


Shout, Era, or some othe stain detergent type thing will work. Unfortunately it often must sit on there to work for a while.


A good back up to "cover" the stain if it will not come all the way out is baby powder (or corn starch) over it (especially if the area is still wet).

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