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Brown rash??

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My 10yo dd developed a strange rash last night. It covers her front torso(neck to pubic area), but doesn't appear to be on her back. She felt bad yesterday, ran a low fever (100.0) and has a stuff nose/watery eyes. The rash is flat, blotchy, and more of a brown color than red...almost like the color of age spots.

Last night I tried to search onlline and the closest I could come to what it appeared to be was measles. She was vaccinated. Our ped. charges $15 for a phone call to the nurses after hours(gee, same cost as my copay to take her in) so since she hasn't been too sick, I haven't called.

Today her fever is gone, but she still has the head cold symptoms and rash.

This might just be some viral rash accompanying the fever, but it just looked strange.

Anyone have any ideas what this could be?

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No She hasn't taken any meds.


That picture looks somewhat similar...not that bad, though, and there isn't a large one. I'll have to look up more on that rash.


Tonight looking at them, they look more red...not bright red, faint red. Hmmm..

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