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Please help with skull sanitizing

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Thanks -- it's just the bone.



...a simple wash with basic soap and water, then leave it somewhere outside for a couple weeks. We usually put ours up on the shed roof of our garage. Gosh, now it sounds like I've got quite the skull collection, doesn't it? ;)


I'll also add that we're aren't too skeeved by clean "nature" finds. We tend to ooh and ahh without worrying too much about the bacterial aspect. Case in point, several weeks ago, I was vacuuming under our bed and found a desicated frog, presumably dragged in by our cats in the fall. Looked like some kind of mummified thing, and it didn't smell. So, it has lived on a bookshelf in our hallway until just this morning, when I finally tossed it into the compost!



So, you may want to consider someone else's advice before mine. :D



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Wanna hear something cool? If you put a coyote skull with fur and some rotted flesh still attached in a bucket with about 50% bleach (more than you were told) and leave it there waaaaay longer than your mother says hoping the remnants will eventually fall off, after about a month it will turn to the consistency of cantaloupe and then after two or three months it will fall apart when you try to pick it up with a stick. (Is that sentence long enough?) If you try to show it to your mother, she will lock you out of the house and refuse to let you in until you've properly disposed of the mess.:ack2:

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We've never cleaned any of our finds. If there is tissue or hair attached, we are more careful about handling it until it's been around a while. That sounds gross when I type it out, I imagine.


We have friends who bury their skeletal finds in anthills. Apparently the ants clean them very nicely and leave them sparkling white. They live in the south, though, and I'm not sure Northern ants will do the same job.

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I couldn't help it. The title made me think of it.


Bummer, I couldn't find a link.


Oh well, there was a theologian about a hundred years ago who came up with this idea of "mental hygiene"-- meaning that to keep his mental "palate" clean, he wouldn't read anything but the Bible. But he wrote his own stuff, & he was FAR OUT. Can't remember his name, just had a pastor who mentioned him in passing. It's become a joke around here--whenever dh or I do something dumb or refuse to listen to something the other's reading, we accuse ea other of (or claim to be practicing) mental hygiene.


Hm. Was that way too far off to be funny? Did you have to be there? :leaving: Sorry. Consider yourselves true friends if that is the case. Many of my irl friends look at me w the same blank stares when I try to tell a funny story. :D

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