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If you sell on eBay, do you hook up to your main bank & cc accounts?

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Thanks! I'm going to hook up to a minor bank account then.


I'm getting so confused. I set up a new PayPal account for Premier service. Does eBay allow me to specify this only in my seller account? Or do I need to change all of my eBay (buying as well as selling) to this Premier account? Of course, it's not verified yet so I can't hook it up yet to automatic eBay fee payments.

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Thanks. I am slowly and torturously working my way through the online tutorials, set up a test item in turbolister, etc. I can see it's going to take me a week to figure out how to list my first items. :tongue_smilie: Still, if other people can figure it out I'm pretty sure I will -- eventually.


I'm pretty sure eBay just has one email address, so I already changed mine to the new Premier PayPal account. I was concerned about using that account to pay for things, since it will be linked to the low-balance checking account, but then I realized that I can always change PayPal accounts when paying for an item. (Not that we're going to be buying much off eBay anytime soon!)


It helps just to know other people have figured out how to do this. :grouphug:

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