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Getting started with TOG?


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I want to start TOG next school year but I am new to Homeschooling and I am unsure of how to get started. My daughter will be in 2nd grade and my son will be in 5th grade. Do I just start with Unit 1 for both of them? What do you like most and least about TOG? What do the Lapbooks include and do you recommend them?


Thanks you!

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Hi Jennifer,


I used TOG my first year of homeschooling with a 5th grader and and 3rd grader. I suggest you start both of the at the beginning with Year 1. Have you downloaded the sample? It's the complete first 3 weeks of the program. You can even get an idea of what the lap books contain. I love lap booking, but I haven't used TOG's yet because my older guys are too old and my youngest is too young I think.


Welcome to the board!


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hello, Jennifer! I am coming out of my mostly lurking state to answer your question as i see you have few responses so far. I am sure you will receive more--the wisdom on this board is amazing!


I used TOG for the first time this year after 7 previous yrs with Sonlight. I will try to answer your questions.Oh, and I utilized the lower grammar, upper grammar and dialectic portions, except the philosophy for D level.


1. yes, you would start bth of your students in unit one at their appropriate level, which will probably be LG and UG for 1st and 5th, and then move them through together. If you have not done so look at your materials in the LOOM, there is some great scheduling advice by Dana Caywood and other hints. The following is what I did and refined over the year to a good rhythem that works well for me.

--I looked over the entire unit and made a plan for what I wanted each student to cover--a weekly list (except for my 1st grader, i just marked in my IG --page protector-- what he was going to do). This helped me to pick and choose as I considered which arts activities we would do so i did not load up too much as is my habit. it also helped me when someone reminded me that this is th FIRST time through and if I did not leave SOME material there would be nothing to cover later......

--the weekly list then enabled me to have a book list to check my library and start purchasing materials.

--it also let me see which student activity pages i needed and which maps,

etc. I tried to print off the whole 9 weeks-- and found this to be tremendously helpful as it really cut my planning time down and I was able to pretty much pick up and go each week.


2. I love TOG! I have really appreciated the depth of info for the teacher and the discussion outlines. I love the student activity pages and the activity suggestions--just everything. My children are really seeing how history is really HIS story and learning everything in that context...Anything I don't like?...hmmm. well , since I came from Sonlight, it was an adjustment to get the weekly schedule in mind instead of a daily schedule, but it has really been a freeing thing, I did not feel like I was "behind" if we did not check off a box on a certain day. so I guess no negatives here..


3. The lapbooks-- I had the CD's by Knowledge Box Central and they included the printouts of the different booklets to make with graphics, a schedule for which booklets to do which weeks and instructions for folding the books and a tentative layout. Then you were expected to fill in the information how you chose. So it does not come with that-- your student is to fill it in with what you are studying-- no big deal. For instance, one week in YR 1 unit 1 we were to make a booklet with flora and fauna of Egypt-- but you had to decide what to put in there and find the info or pics, etc. My kids really enjoyed them. I printed them out on colored paper for my ds who does no like to color and he just cut them out and we put info in them, I printed on white for my dd who loves to use colored pencils and she di d that as well. I believe they have pre-made ones you can buy which eliminates the need to print out , color and cut etc. Your dc just put in the info.


Well, that was really long, but hope it helps and if i can answer any more specific questions , i ill try..


Best wishes on your new journey!!!

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