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Hyper crazy boys today

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My dad, aka Pappaw, came down last night. He had to cancel 3 other visits due to illness and weather. Finally, he is here. My older said he got up around 6 am. He normally sleeps until 8:30. He is wound tighter than a piano string!

He wrote the agenda on his white board last night.

1. Go to Shoney's for breakfast

2. Go bowling

3. Go to see Horton Hears a Who

4. Go to Arby's for lunch

5. Go to the park to horse around


(Not necessarily in this order)


LOL! He is so beyond excited that Pappaw, aka spoiler extraordinaire, is here to indulge his every wish for the day.


I just sit and try to not go crazy wanting them to leave already! They get really wound up when he is here.


But, dh and I will actually get to have a lunch date today! YAH!

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Have a great time! Isn't a dad who plays a rarity that worth more than gold? I have one, too.


I have issues with him. He was tough to grow up under -- really tough. Lots of bad memories and the like. However, he is the fun pappaw. He adores spoiling the kids and indulging them completely. The issues are between him and me and have nothing to do with the kids. I am thankful he wants to have that kind of time with them. He drives me batty but they think he's the bomb!

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