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Dh needs a business suit - are there any 'rules' to keep in mind?

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Dh needs to buy a business suit for an interview for which he is being flown to the UK. The last time he wore a suit was for our wedding nearly 10 years ago. Is there anything important to keep in mind regarding colours and style?

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Husband worked in London for three years. I'll ask him when he finishes making dinner.




DH says plain navy blue or grey (no pattern) single-breasted. Not green or brown. The tie should be very restrained, and he recommends a plain blue or white shirt. Ordinary collar - not button-down.


Many Brits are not that conservative, but it's a good idea to be low-key for an interview.


Best wishes



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Guest Lorna

Dh, another Englishman, says:

White shirt,

navy suit,

black shoes,

black socks,


the tie should suit your colouring, plain made from pure silk

good hair cut


Best wishes!


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Hi Laura,


We went with you husband's recommendation and got a dark-grey suit, very light blue shirt, silk striped tie (shades of grey from white to black) and black shoes. Dh has curly hair so wears it very short and his glasses have a dark frame. I think he looks very dashing in the suit!


Thank you also for the best wishes - the interview is on 1 April.

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