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I have changed internet service providers; the new address for my abbreviations page is 



I posted more information on the K-8 board, and maybe my page will become obsolete, but for now ... here's my abbreviations page with links:


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:-) Smile - colon right parenthesis

:-( Frown - colon left parenthesis

:-o redfaced – colon-hyphen-small letter o

;-) wink - semi colon right parenthesis

:-D big grin - colon capital D

:-G glum - colon capital G

:-S Cool Breeze - colon capital S (On some sites it will make a smilie wearing shades)

:-P Mr. Pukie - colon capital P (and this one makes a green faced guy who looks like he's going to be ill ...)


AFAIK – As far as I know

BG -- Big Grin

ATTN – Attention

BHOK—Banging Head On Keyboard

BIL – Brother-in-law

BRB -- Be right back (Used primarily in online chats)

BTDT -- Been there, done that

BTW -- By The Way

CG—Cheeky Grin

CUL (CUL8R) -- See you later

DD/DS/DH/DW - Dear Daughter/Dear Son/Dear Husband!/Dear Wife

DK—Dear Kitty

DK—Dear Pup

FAQ -- Frequently Asked Questions

FCOL – For Crying Out Loud

FIL – Father-in-Law

FOCIA – Falling Off Chair In Amazement

FWIW -- For what it’s worth

FYI -- For your information

GMTA! -- Great Minds Think Alike!

HTH – Hope this helps

HYG—Here you go

IABD – I Am Beyond Dense

IABC—I Am Beyond Clueless

IMHO -- In my humble opinion

IMO -- In My Opinion

IOW – In Other Words

IRL -- In Real Life

ISP -- Internet Service Provider

ISTM – It seems to me

ITA! -- I Totally Agree!

ITRW—In The Real World

JK -- Just Kidding

JMHO -- Just My Humble Opinion

KWIM—Know What I Mean

LOL -- Lots of Laughs or Laughing Out Loud

LSHTRDMF—Laughing so hard tears rolling down my face

LSNED—Learn Something New Every Day

MIL – Mother-in-Law

NACTL – Not a Clue to Life

NAK – Nursing at Keyboard

NARS – Not A Rocket Scientist

NM—No Message

NT -- No text (especially useful in subject lines)

OIC – “Oh, I seeâ€

OT—“Off Topicâ€

OTOH -- On the other hand

PLMK—Please Let Me KNow

POV -- Point of view

RL -- Real life

ROFL -- Rolling On the Floor Laughing or ROTFL

ROFLMHO -- Rolling On the Floor Laughing My Head Off

ROFLSCOMM—Rolling On theFloor Laughing Spitting Coke On My Monitor

SIL – Sister-in-law

SO -- Significant Other

SYOTB – See You On The Boards (relating to discussion forums)

TIA -- Thanks In Advance

TPTB -- The Powers That Be

TTFN -- Ta Ta for Now

TTSP -- This Too Shall Pass

TYVM! -- Thank You Very Much!

VWP -- Very Well Put

WAGS! -- What A Great Story

WD – Well Done

WP! -- Well Put!

WS—Well Said

WTG -- Way to go

YAAG -- You Are A Genius

YMMV—Your Milage May Vary

YW – You’re Welcome

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I always use TQ.


TQ is in my abbreviations list (see my sig), but the link was messed up. It should be fixed now.



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The last time that I had to move my website, I promised myself that next time I would get my own domain name! Well, that time has arrived. Here is the new (and hopefully last!) address for my abbreviations list: Homeschool Abbreviations with Links.


Please update your booksmarks/links and visit the new page so that it will move up in the searches to where the old page was.



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DE ?

is that Department of Education or Distance Education?

Dual Enrollment where we're at. Edited by PuddleJumper1

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