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What curriculum has co-op lesson plans?

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I know Writing Tales, Apologia elementary science, & State History from a Christian Perspective, has co-op lesson plans, but what other ones do? We are starting to "gear up" for classes next year and my mind is drawing a blank. I thought I would ask you all for help.


Thanks in advance for your help.




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Tapestry of Grace works very well in a co-op setting. For all levels there are weekly group activity suggestions. Also, many times there are suggestions to modify assignments for a group. For example, last year I did the newspaper project with my Dialectic writing class for 9 weeks. They loved it! Our art classes are also based on our Tapestry studies and there is more than enough for an entire year's art class. The dialectic and rhetoric discussions for history and literature can be used at home with one student, but are oftentimes richer, deeper, and a lot more fun in a group.


Our co-op has also effectively used all of the Apologia science books, The Lost Tools of Writing, Starting Points, Secrets of Effective Communicators, and Visual Link Spanish.




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Thank you for those great replies. Those are GREAT ideas. We have mom's that want to teach next year, but need that extra hand in using curriculum that is already laid out for them.


I have a friend that uses TOG. it has been a dream that she would teach a part of it at our co-op, but so far, not yet. ;) (she might read this here! LOL )


Thanks again for your help!



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Things I've taught in co-op:

IEW - lots of fun in a group setting (I assign "optional" homework and do not grade; but everyone does this differently)

Mystery Disease (Prufrock Press)

Mathematical Mystery Tour (Prufrock Press)

Elementary Chemistry Lab


Things I hope to teach someday:

Crime Scene Investigations

Bob Jones Physical Science


Other things I've seen taught well:


Five in A Row

Many books from Prufrock Press

Reader's Theatre

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