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Beth in SW WA...question about Omnibus online class


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Thanks for the link. Will your 8th grader be taking both the Primary and Secondary classes for Omnibus I? I didn't see anything on the website mentioning how many hours of work are involved outside of class time. Did you already speak with an instructor about this? I'm interested in pursuing this option for next year. Any info you have that's above and beyond the website would be fantastic. Thanks so much!

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Hi Thelma,

A mom on the high school board, Julie in PA, is married to the Omnibus 1 online teacher, Bruce Etter. She and others here have been helpful w/ my Omnibus questions (nod to Julie in GA). My son will take the secondary readings course w/ Mr. Etter and we will plow through the primary readings at home.


I'm pre-reading the text book (hence, the dark circles under my eyes) and all I can say is "Wow!" It is incredible. I have so much to learn. I'm devouring every word.


The class costs $550 for the year which I think is fair. I'm trying to ramp up my son's reading to get him ready for the rigor of this class. I believe it is an 1+ of reading daily (on top of his reading in other subjects). Four papers are due, so it is not heavy on writing. We will do that separately.


Mr. Etter has responded to various email questions about the class. He is great.


Does that help? Others here are so knowledgeable about this course. Check out the high school board and post a question there. Omnibus has quite a following there.


Our family is not Reformed but that did not hinder me to using Veritas resources.


Let me know if I can be any more help.

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