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Yay!  For the first time since the forums switched to this interface, I've finally gotten an email notification when someone replied to a topic I am following!  May it continue.  :w00t:


@Heidi, I've added both EIL links and descriptions.


If you haven't seen my abbreviations page in a while, take a look!  I migrated it to WordPress so it is *much* easier to update, not to mention that it looks a whole bunch nicer.  :001_smile:

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It looks like they updated the page url but did not create a redirect for if.  The official WTM abbreviations page is now at http://www.welltrainedmind.com/board-abbreviations.


My signature was not showing for some reason, but I've re-saved it and it seems to be working again.  Just in case it disappears again, here it is:


Editor of Home School Abbreviations with Links (inspired by but not affiliated with WTM)

Note: I've had problems getting notified when the Abbreviation Sticky topics are replied-to. If you don't hear from me within a couple of days, please use the "contact me" link on my abbreviations page to let me know. Thanks!

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