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Started buying Next Year's Curriculum


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So my first order (Abeka) has been placed. I wound up doing this early because my K4 is all but finished with his math and needs the next book. So, went ahead and ordered what we needed...


April, K12 is having their discount time, so we'll be ordering all of the materials for my rising 4th grader, and the K/1st grader then.


My final order goes out in June -- with Veritas for Bible, Latin and some new literature books we're going to need (or want).


And then, I'm all set for the new school year!


Of course, we still have to make time for Spring and Fall testing... (spring is to submit for the state, the fall is for me... two very different tests).

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What tests do you administer? Why do you administer two of them? What information is on the "one for you" that is not on the other?


I am asking because I have administered the ITBS for the last several years. They use the same reading selections for multiple years in a row! I know it's good for my kids because they've seen it before, but I am starting to wonder about trying a new one just to see how it goes.


Thanks so much!

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I do the CAT at son's age/grade for the county requirements, mainly because that's what I've been doing for the last 3 years. It doesn't tell me anything really about what DS has actually learned, or help pick out weak spots. He consistently scores at the 99.9% level (maxes out the test). The county is happy, son has great scores -- they leave me alone.


I do the ITBS 2 grade levels ahead of ds age/grade (so this year, he'll take the test for a rising 6th grader, versus the test for a rising 4th grader). This gives me a better measurement of what he has actually learned. I compare the more advanced test to last year's to possibly open my eyes to weak spots I may have glossed over, and just guage what he has actually learned. He doesn't max this test out in most areas.


But, I don't want to turn THIS test into the county KWIM?

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