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Using/teaching IEW, grading writing, choosing literature - SE MI/ NW OH

angela in ohio

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As I have time available, I would be willing to meet with other homeschoolers:


1.) I will happily sit down with anyone and show them how to use the IEW curriculum to teach writing across the curriculum, how to set up a writing syllabus for the year, and how to grade an IEW assignment.


2.) I am also willing to look at sample writings from any program (or none) and help parents figure out what skills to tackle next, how to grade, and how to encourage the student.


3.) I can help parents create a reading list, choose books for a child's abilities and needs, build up a home library, and find resources to teach literature.


I could also talk about teaching strategies for memory work and teaching study skills. I've also helped several local homeschoolers learn to schedule their year and set up lesson plans.


Qualificiations: I have a few years experience teaching Latin, writing, and various other subjects in co-ops and tutorials. I have spoken at a number of homeschooling events (CHEO conference, local support groups, CC Practicums, Moms' nights) on many subjects: teaching logic, classical education, teaching writing, choosing literature, study skills, the importance of self-education, etc.

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