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Yesterday a hs girl that lives down the street

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She said, "Excuse him. He's homeschooled and needs to learn to socialize." I found this funny then I thought would this offend anyone?


Whether I would be offended would depend 100% on her delivery of the quip. Since you thought it was funny, I'm guessing she meant it as a good-natured joke.


But I could see someone saying this in a very negative offending tone. Then it would not be funny.

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It's good to be able to laugh at yourself. I belong to a parents of kids with type-1 diabetes support list. There is a whole page deticated to the line, you know you are a parent of a child with diabetes when...

Many are almost painful but make you laugh. Here's one


I asked dd7 what she had for lunch and she replied, 45 carbs! :001_huh:

I wonder if there is a similar site for homeschoolers?

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That's a good one -


I have a lot of fun, on field trips, walking up to a kid. . . .


"So, how's your teacher this year?"


The look on their face is priceless!

(My kids think I'm nuts :))


People have asked my kids that not knowing that they are homeschooled, my kids are such hams, they'll whisper while pointing at me, "She's pretty bad!" :p

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